You Look Like One – by Raquel Arrais

Leaving the airport parking lot, I was about to pay the parking fee when the man behind the gate’s window look at me and asked, “Are you from India?”

I said no. Then he looked at me again and said, “But you look like one.” I thought it was a very nice compliment due to my love for India. India is one of the places you will never forget—the colors, the food, the beautiful dresses, the jasmine flowers on the streets, the smell of curry and chapatti, the languages, the music and the amazing architecture.

As I talked to the man behind the window, all these images and senses came to mind. I thanked him for the compliment, saying that part of me is in India. He smiled and offered to share his last chapatti with me.

As I drove home that day, his words stayed in my mind: “You look like one.” Every day, many times a day, we look like something to someone. Every day we make an impression. The word impression means to stamp or form, or figure by impressing…imprint… So the question today is what impression are we leaving on the hearts and minds of those we come in contact with.

The Bible says, “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13). They recognized them as followers of Jesus. They saw Jesus in them.

There are many—in cities, in small towns, on your street, in your place of work—looking for someone who has been with Jesus. Have you been with Jesus? Do you “look like one” who knows Him? How can you “look like one”? Here are three ways we can look more like Him: by loving to spend time with Him, by copying Him in everything we say and do, and by relying upon Him. In this way we will be transformed into His likeness.

Let the mind dwell upon His love, upon the beauty, the perfection, of His character. Christ in His self-denial, Christ in His humiliation, Christ in His purity and holiness, Christ in His matchless love–this is the subject for the soul’s contemplation. It is by loving Him, copying Him, depending wholly upon Him, that you are to be transformed into His likeness. {AG 293.4}

My prayer is to be like Jesus. This must be our ultimate goal. I do not know whether I will have an encounter today, a moment when someone will look at me and say that I “look like one” —Indian, Brazilian, Turkish. I don’t know. But one thing I do know, I want to walk with Jesus so that when people look at me they will recognize that I “look like one,” act like one, speak like one who has been with Him.

Raquel Arrais is associate director of Women’s Ministries for the General Conference.

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  • Martine Ongaro

    Thank you. Wonderful thought!

  • khethiwe

    Amen may we truly be ambassadors of Christ

  • Evelyn


  • Fungai Sakaike

    Amen! It is my desire to look like Him too!

  • Amen, may by beholding I become change unto His image

  • Desiree

    Scripture tells us that by be holding we are changed. I pray that as we study the character of JESUS we will be changed to be a representation of HIM. Praise HIS Holy Name.

    • Iyabo Obisesan


  • Hughon James

    Being like Jesus is an ongoing process, largely imperceptible from within; the transformed product is quite noticeable to the onlooker as we “grow in grace” each day.

    • Iyabo Obisesan

      Very true brother. I pray God will help me daily to submit to the remolding process by the Holy Spirit.

  • Cynthia Duncan Mercer

    Thank you for this perfect illustration that others are always waiting to see Jesus in us. May we strive for this daily !!

  • Eunice Downer

    Amen! Be like Jesus, this my song! In the home and in the throng! Be like Jesus all day long, I would be like Jesus.

  • Rosalia

    Amen. Love, forgive and pray like Jesus. May the Holy spirit help us.Thank you.

  • Phillippa

    My prayer 🙏 is that I will be like Jesus. I pray that I will 👀 look like Him ,walk,talk and act like HIM. The refrain of the well known hymn ” Be like Jesus this my song in the home and in the throng,be like Jesus all day long!I would be like Jesus. Blessings as we serve the Master.

  • PNB

    I pray that when we are told that we look like Jesus, that we would count it as a priviledge and honor to be thus perceived. We also should be honest with God who knows us inside and out, to make us truly worthy of His name.

    Here is another perspective. What about when we are accused of being a follower of Christ? Would we boldly acknowledge that this is indeed true, or will we be like Peter and deny our Lord?

    On a lighter note, since my name is Peter, I really should be careful?

    May God help us to never be ashamed of Him and may we grow in His grace and love.
    – Peter Nigel

  • Amie Lazado

    I had a similar experience. I was on the opposite side of the road waiting for it to be safe to traverse. I should be at the opposite side so I can catch a ride going to my workplace. It was very early in the morning before 7 and the street was so busy. So it took me some minutes before I crossed the opposite side safely. When I was there, a woman, who used to be my jeep mate, told me that she was watching me while I was standing at the opposite side of the road. She told me that my face looked so peaceful and serene and contented. And then she added, “I think I have to keep the Sabbath too, so I could have time to rest and be with God.”

    This happened some 10 years ago, and now while I am writing this story, I am hoping that this then young mother and school teacher have found Jesus and have been having a relationship with God.

    I couldn’t help but think the importance of having that connection with God every moment of our life – that is- thinking of Him moment by moment. Thanking Him in all circumstances, making Him our first thought in the morning and the last at bedtime.

  • zoneiz02

    Praise the Lord!

  • Austin Jackson

    Beautiful I strive for that everyday

  • Stanley Hagen

    Thank you Raquel. What an overwhelming compliment to be identified as one who looks like Jesus. May that be true of each of us daily. Para a gloria de Deus!

  • N Bal4 – Sinner saved by Grace

    May I be like Jesus even in speech. Amen.

  • Merle B. Platel


    Is the face that I see in the mirror The one I want others to see
    Do I show the way that I walk in my life, The love that You’ve given me
    My heart’s desire is to be like You, In all that I do all I am

    Do they see Jesus in me, Do they recognize Your face
    Do I communicate Your love and Your grace
    Do I reflect who You are, In the way I choose to be
    Do they see Jesus, Jesus in me

    It’s amazing that You’d ever use me, But use me the way You will
    Help me to hold out a heart of compassionate grace A heart that Your Spirit fills
    May I show forgiveness and mercy, The same way You’ve shown it to me

    Now I want to show all the world who You are,
    The reason I live and breathe
    So You’ll be the One that they see, When they see me.

    May we be all like JESUS in all aspects of our life

  • Wojtek Janiuk