United in Prayer with Jesus – by Derek Morris

When we speak of united prayer, what often comes to mind is praying in one accord with other Christians.  We think of the disciples who “all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers” (Acts 1:14).  Such united prayer was vitally important in the early Christian church.

Christians down through the ages have continued in earnest united prayer. Ellen White shares the following testimony of her experience in 1844: “We united, as a people, in earnest prayer for a true experience and the unmistakable evidence of our acceptance with God” (Christian Experience and Teachings, p. 51).  On one occasion, she became very ill: “My parents, husband, and sisters united in prayer for me…”(Christian Experience and Teachings, p. 89).]

In reference to the counsel in James 5:20, Ellen White writes, “Let the members of the church, as representatives of Christ, unite in prayer and loving entreaty that the offender may be restored” (Desire of Ages, p. 441).

Even when we are alone in prayer, we can still experience united prayer—with Jesus.  We have a Great High Priest who “always lives to make intercession” for us (Heb. 7:25).  My friend Philip Samaan describes the trickle of our prayers joining with the Niagara Falls of the prayers of Jesus.

During His time of anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked His disciples to watch and pray. It was His earnest desire “that they might unite with Him in prayer” (Desire of Ages, p. 419).  But they fell asleep.  Jesus still makes the same appeal to each one of us today: watch and pray.  Now is the time to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17) and to “continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving” (Col. 4:2). Whether we are alone, or in small groups, let’s unite in prayer with Jesus.

Derek Morris, Coordinator Believe His Prophets

Note: To view this weeks prayer request for the church, please click here!

UntitledPractical Application: 

If you don’t have a prayer partner, it may seem very lonely when facing huge mountains or difficulties in prayer. However, as Pastor Morris shared above, remember that we have the best prayer partner that we could ever hope to have, and that is Jesus!

This coming week, why don’t you take some time to write down a few of the big issues in your life that you are praying about. Then take your Bible and ask God to show you the promises that He has in His Word regarding situations just like yours. Once you have God’s Word, begin to pray these promises every time you think about that situation or issue. Also, share your promises with your prayer partners, and encourage them to pray God’s Word as well, over every need and situation.

God’s Word is power, and as Jesus stands beside you as your Advocate, God hears and will honor your prayers. In fact, we are told, “The honor of His throne is staked for the fulfillment of His word to us” (Christ Object Lessons, p. 148). Yes, there’s power when we pray God’s Word!

Dear Heavenly Father, It’s hard to keep walking when we feel all alone in our struggles, however we want to thank You for reminding us that Jesus is our Advocate and Intercessor and He promises to never leave us or forsake us. Teach us how to cling to Him. Give us faith and courage to keep walking each day, knowing He holds our hand.  Help us to stand upon His  Word knowing that His Word does not return unto Him void! We cling to You in faith. In Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen.

Promises to claim: 1 Pet. 5:7, Heb. 13:5, Isa. 41:13, Mark 10:27, Isa. 55:11

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  • Governmento Osaro

    There is power and full assurance of God answering our prayers when we are united in prayer. Let’s consistently call each other and encourage ourselves; our families, our neighbours and friends, to come together and pray for each other, beleiving that the presence and power of God is with us when we chorus a louder ‘amen’ praying in the of our Lord Jesus’ name.

  • Peter Kimani

    hello big family. this morning i want to make a request to all who can pray to intercede for our son Andrew. was diagnosed with cancer last year, he’s been fighting very well with surgery and alternative treatment…but recently the cancer has spread in the abdomen and surrounding areas, its a sarcoma of the muscles…rhabdomyosarcoma. over the last 5weeks his weight has dipped to a malnourishment state as the cancer has vigourously grown. last night to this morning he was fighting for his life…the trained dr who now practices alternative herbal treatment was able to stablilize him..we believe God did.
    please pray…for we believe God’s hands are not too short to save or His ears deaf to hear…He who added life to king Hezekiah and brought to life numerous individuals including Lazarus, is able. thank you.
    will update on God’s mercies as we link-up here everyday. keep the faith. i’m with this group but for no apparent reason the site is not allowing me to post in my name.

    • hil wash

      Praying for you…..that God will be glorified through his healing way.

    • Sade Solaru

      Andrew is being lifted up in prayers in our Milton Keynes church and various prayer groups. We trust God to arise in His mighty healing power and show Himself strong on behalf of Andrew. Let’s Keep Praying, our God still heals.

      • Siduduzile Mushonga

        We are praying for him in our prayer group.

    • Dike Emmanuel

      Dear Lord in Heaven grant Andrew healing from above . Restore him O’ Lord to good health. Have mercy upon and let your absolute will be done in his life . Amen

    • Kayreen kufa

      Am praying for you and your son

    • Patience Boateng

      Praying for your family, our God is able and there is nothing He cannot do, may He give you the strength and courage to go through. Amen

    • Jeanette

      I am praying for Andrew. And also for the family. May God be glorified.

    • Cindy

      Prayers being sent up on behalf of your family. May the anointing touch of Jesus be present with you now.

    • Debra Middleton

      Praying Andrew will prosper and be in health as his soul prospers

    • Penebid

      Brother Peter, we are praying! Lord Jesus, there are so many who are sick and suffering these days and we know that Satan is on the attack. Sometimes we struggle with the question of “Why?” Father, I pray that You will intervene in Andrew’s cancer. If it be Thy Will, obliterate those cancer cells and restorn to good health those cells that are being attacked. Jesus, You are the Great Physician. Nothing is impossible for You. I humbly ask that Your Will be done. For whatever reason, You have allowed this cancer to attack Andrew and we know that You do not make mistakes. So I ask that Your Name will be glorified and that You will bring peace and strength to Andrew as well as his family. Thy Will be done, Father. In Your Holy Name I ask these things for You have promised that if we ask anything in Your Name and believe, You will hear and You will answer. You have also said that Your Word changes not, so I am trusting that You are in charge. We know that our time on earth is quickly running out. I believe in miracles, Lord, and I believe that You know what is best for us all in the little time we have left on this earth. I place Andrew in Your caring Hands and I thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen

    • Marilyn Fletcher

      I am very sorry for the pain and anguish you are going through because of the cancer wrecking havoc with your son, Andrew. I have been praying for Andrew, Peter, and know that God is able to heal. He tells us, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers,” (3 John 2) so I know God wants healing for Andrew. In Jeremiah 30:17 God tells you, “For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds…” Do you believe this Peter? Does Andrew believe this? As Christ told the woman with the issue of blood for 18 years, “Your FAITH has made you whole.” Believe Peter, believe God is able. Sing praises to His name even though you hear that cancer is spreading, because our God is a great and mighty and powerful God who “inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3), and where God is, sin, disease and Satan cannot be! He is able to reverse this disease that is creeping throughout your sons body. He is! I know He is. Have faith in God and know that whatever the outcome is, His will is that Andrew be saved. Twice daily my prayers will rise for your son, Peter.

    • Helen Barugambire

      God knows about Andrew’s healthy issue. We pray that he gets well soon.

    • Justina

      Peter I have prayed for your son and will continue to pray for him, you, and family. Stay strong. God remains in control.

    • urane

      Dear Bro. Peter, It is so sad to see your love one suffering from whatever the sickness is. We serve a great God, who is more than
      able and I will join you and the other brethren to ask for healing on Andrew’s behalf. According to your will Lord let be done in Andrew’s life.

    • Ruben Tongope

      Its very sad to hear the news but I believe God step in to heal him as we pray in one acord. Andrew will be recovered just in one touch like woman with 12 years of bleeding and Lazarus who was alive from death. We are the children of the Almighty King and He will not let Andrew suffer like this. I am praying for Andrew and your family. God be with you.

    • Jill Simpson palffy


    • Omonde Mutimanwa

      My Brothere Our God is the mighty God, He is incomparable, He is the healer.
      My Dear God I bring to you our Brother Andrew who is strugling with cancer right now in the Hospital, we pray in the powerful name of Jesus for you to show your mercy toward him and his family let thy hand which healed thousands of people to day, touch also our brother Andrew wherever he is sleeping heal him. I pray all this in the name powerful name of Lord Jesus, The everlasting King amen.

    • Panapasa Rabuka

      Thanks for the request. It is welcomed and we are praying for him.
      I want to challenge you with Christ’s spirit of prayer that adopted and embraced during the span of six years when I lost two of my three children. Lost my youngest daughter of a heart problem in 2000, and my middle son of 8years old to rheumatic pneumonia in 2002 and my eldest daughter survived a low platelets count at terminal stage in 2004.
      Christ always poured His heart out to His Father. He always made known the demands of His life, but He always concluded His prayer with’ NOT MY WILL BUT THINE WILL BE DONE.’
      It gives us a peaceful dwelling environment to adopt this understanding.
      May you find peace.

    • Monica

      Praying for Andrew asking that God’s will be done,keep the faith.

  • Lydiah

    Thanks for sharing this, I really needed to hear it as am facing some challenges in life that need me to be firm in my spiritual convictions and my faith in God. Am encouraged for the reminder that am not alone as Christ stands behind each of His promises to me. Kindly pray that I stand true to God as I have decided about the matter. Have a blessed week

  • Jeanette

    I like the idea of writing prayers down and asking God to show me the Bible promises that pertain to them.

  • Evanjaline

    Peter may Almighty God grant you and your family peace during this difficult period. I will continue to pray for your son. God is still the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the same God who raised Lazarus back to life. Take courage my brother.

  • Debra Middleton

    Please pray for recovery of faith for my family who have been injured by evil plots.

    • Penebid

      Lord Jesus, to each one of Your children You have given a measure of faith. There are those who seem to have lost that gift of faith. We know that if we do not use that faith, it diminishes and fades away. I ask You this morning to renew the lost faith in the family of Sister Debra. I know that nothing is impossible for You, Lord. I also know that You do not force Your Will upon any of us. I know that in times of old You restored the faith of Sampson, You rekindled the faith of King Manassa. Your Holy Spirit touched the hearts of King David when he fell as well as King Solomon. You touched the heart of Saul of Tarsus and completely turned him around. Look how the Holy Spirit changed the heart of Peter! Jesus, if You did that for those folks, I know that You can touch the hearts of Debra’s family. I ask You this morning to send the Holy Spirit to this family, as well as my own family who are lost, and let the Holy Spirit aggressively woo these folks back into the fold. I know that You want these lost children back even more then we, their family members do. I ask that You reciprocate the merits of Your Blood upon them, heal them, have mercy upon them and at last, bring them safely back to You. I ask this in Your Holy Name and I thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen. .

      • Debra Middleton


      • Debra Middleton

        Thank you so much for this powerful prayer. I’m uniting my prayers with each word and lifting your family as well.

  • Bethune Davis

    Bro Peter the Lord is able to everything but fail. Let us trust Him for a miracle

  • Justina

    Good day family. God is truly in control of our lives despite the obvious troubles, challenges, trials, and tribulations. It is as if an organized strategic plan has been sent to my family to ensure that we loose faith. I refuse to crumble at the plans of the enemy and interrupt my faith in the Tue and Living God of heaven and Earth. I will continue to pray and study God’s word until the end. I REFUSE to give up now. Please pray for our four week “Full Gospel Crusade” that began Saturday September 12. Pray for Pastor Morgan that God would use him in a mighty way. I have joined the prayer team for this crusade. We are praying that God would knock on the hearts of the people in Nassau Bahamas. Oh don’t we need a word from the Lord in this country. I am having transportation problems and have prayed to God to provide transportation for me to and from the meetings each night. We have a great work to do family. Let us continue to work and assist with spreading the good news of salvation to all those around us. Be encouraged; God bless.

  • jeremiah Migom

    Hello friends! I ask for your prayers for my life so that I can be profitable in the gospel ministry! I pray that God would use me to save more than a thousand souls this year. Pray for my church bcoz we planning for a two weeks Adventist Muslim Relationship Canpaigne known as (Debate/discussion) with fellow muslims from our environment and we lacking finances for the event (100,000)which is to take place in November. The church is also building the new sanctuary and so there is financial constraint. Help me in prayers so that God will make a way.

  • Ellen Mattison Drachenberg

    Please intercede in prayer on behalf of our grandchildren.

  • darijo maslesa

    hello family. i want to make a request for selling e.g.w. books and for daughter to finish court for custody

  • Phillippa

    Dear Peter .I am very sorry to hear about your son Andrew. I pray that God will bless him today and every day. I will continue to pray for him and ask The Holy Spirit yo cover him. Be blessed.

  • Nomazwe Sithandwa

    Hello family. Please pray for me, my boss wants me to bbe at work tomorrow, I’ve just requested to be excused and she said NO before I could even tell her why I wanted to see her. She said she knew before I asked what I wanted and the answer was a big No! I need your prayers that she may change her mind, I want to be at church tomorrow

  • Jill Simpson palffy

    Urgent prayer request for a friends child, Leland, 5yrs old, who has been diagnosed with meningitis.
    He is in critical condition and the mother has agreed to have him anointed by our elders. Please pray for a mighty miracle so she can see the true love and power of Christ!

    • Jill Simpson palffy

      For all that want updates on our son, you can follow on his page, Josiah’s Journey on Facebook.

  • Peter Kimani

    Hello all. We’re grateful for all the prayers said.
    Sorry with tears and heaviness of heart I’ve to announce to you all that Andrew passed to sleep in Jesus on the morning of 14-9-2015.
    Pray for the family, and pray that as Andrew lays in the cold of a funeral home if its God’s will thatHe may raise him eeven from there…and if it’s God’s will that He sees Jesus when He opens his eyes.. So may it be.. The Lord knows best. Thank you all.

    • Kayreen kufa

      Brother kimani
      Am saddened by the news
      May our hope continue in that great resurrection morning.
      Am praying for you