The Miracle Textbooks in Yap – By David Steward

lightstock_63251_small_bhpWhile serving as a missionary in Yap, Micronesia in 2002, I had the privilege of teaching Bible to high school students.

However, one day, the school principal asked me if I would be willing to teach an elective class for the second semester on law, given my background as an attorney.  I was very enthusiastic about the idea but wondered what I would use for a curriculum and textbook.  I had a couple of mock trial problems we could use, but they were not anything that would do justice to the subject (no pun intended). Much more would be needed to give an adequate introduction to law and it’s general facets if I was to keep the students busy for five classes a week for a whole semester.

I prayed about finding a textbook and then looked in the school library for something. Maybe they’d at least have something like “The Law for Dummies.” However, there was nothing there.

I had already forgotten about my prayer when later that same day the principal asked me if I could go with a couple of other teachers to the airport to pick up a shipment of used textbooks that were being donated to our Yap Seventh-day Adventist School.

At the airport, we found a large U.S. Coastguard helicopter from Guam.  Box after box was unloaded containing many used textbooks on elective subjects such as French and Spanish.

Imagine my amazement when I discovered several boxes containing a textbook titled “Street Law: A Course in Practical Law 5th Edition.”  Wow! I could hardly believe it. What an incredible answer to prayer!

As it turned out, it was a great book, well written and with a great overview of the various aspects of the law.  It came complete with great case studies such as “The Case of the Missing Peanut Butter,” and more. Although a lawyer, I had no idea such excellent resources even existed for high school students. Also, even if I had known about the book, we did not have a budget to buy such textbooks or pay for the very high cost of shipping. But God took care of everything.

Not only did God send me the exact books that I needed, but He delivered them straight to our tiny island in the middle of nowhere in the vast Pacific Ocean via a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter. And beyond that, He sent so many books, that the principle would not even let us keep them all, but shipped the extras to the outer islands so others could have the resources as well.

While it’s been almost 14 years since this miracle, it’s something I’ve never forgotten, for it showed me that God cares about the little details of our lives and needs. He is a big God, yet He still cares about our little prayers! What an amazing God we serve.

David Steward, a prosecuting attorney for 15 years, is an evangelist with Amazing Facts. Now instead of putting people in jail, he’s setting the captives free as he teaches the everlasting gospel and the three angel’s messages of Revelation 14.

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