The Miracle in San Diego – Part 1 – by Monet St. Juste

img_2431Last fall I received an unexpected phone call. It was a Mr. Brown calling from San Diego, California. He was wondering if we could help his 63-year-old wife, who was suffering dementia and had high blood pressure. He explained that his wife had less than a year left to live and he desperately needed help.

Not long after, Ezra, 20, and Racquel, 22, who live in New York and work with me, agreed to fly to San Diego.

Ezra and Racquel went through an entire lifestyle assessment program with Mr. Brown. Soon they realized that this case was far more serious than anticipated. It was then that they got down on their knees and began pleading with God for the wisdom on how to proceed.

God was already working. Mr. Brown, after hearing about the benefits of the new program for his wife and all the lifestyle changes she would be making, decided that he, too, would make the changes. Although he’d eaten the same way for over 64 years, he quickly emptied his refrigerator of all meat and unhealthy products. He also cleaned out his cupboards. Then Ezra and Racquel helped him restock with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains.

Immediately, as instructed, the couple started implementing simple NEWSTART lifestyle practices into their lives.

By the fourth day into the program, Mrs. Brown’s blood pressure levels returned to normal. Significant improvements in her brain function were also noted as time progressed. She was able to hold longer thoughts and conversations, her depth perception also improved, and she was able to walk for greater periods of time. She even started running!

Mr. Brown also experienced changes. He was overweight and suffered with high cholesterol. About eight days into the program, he had already lost 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms). At the end of the four-week program, his cholesterol levels had returned to normal, resulting in his physician taking him off all medication.

While the health principles worked as God intended, we know the real miracle came in answer to Ezra and Racquel’s prayer. Amazingly, these health benefits are only the beginning of this powerful testimony that came as a result of an answer to prayer. (This testimony will be continued next week!)

Monet St. Juste, writes from New York, where he serves as coordinator of the family ministry called Eden Lifestyle.

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