We Believe The Man in Our Dreams Was Jesus – By Chanmin Chung

Oxygen Volume 14A Muslim mother and daughter were surprised to discover during a telephone conversation that they had seen the same man in dreams at night.

Neither recognized the man. But they spoke about him during their weekly evening calls that often stretched into the early morning.

Then the daughter, Esme, announced one Saturday evening to her mother that she believed she had learned the identity of the unknown man. She said he was Jesus.

Esme, 21, had recently accepted Jesus through a Seventh-day Adventist friend whom she met inadvertently at her university campus in a Middle Eastern country. She was calling her mother, Ada, after attending Sabbath worship services with her new Adventist friends.

The announcement about Jesus stunned Esme’s mother. But something even more surprising was unfolding at the same time.

Both Esme and her mother had struggled for years with an unknown sickness. Esme had started showing symptoms at the age of 13, and her mother had fallen ill even earlier. After numerous health checks, the two had learned that their sickness was linked to radiation-poisoned food that the mother had eaten some years earlier. The food had been harvested in a region affected by the 1983 Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in then-Soviet Ukraine.

For eight years, Esme’s mother Ada had been praying daily for her daughter’s health. Doctors said no medicine was available for a complete cure, only to ease the symptoms. The medicine stimulated Esme’s nerves, made her lose her concentration and sometimes caused her to turn violent.

After Esme accepted Jesus, her mother noticed that she never stopped speaking about Him. On the evening that Esme identified Jesus as the unknown man in their dreams, she also revealed that she had been healed completely of her illness without medicine.

It was an unbelievable answer to Ada’s years of prayers.

Several weeks passed. Esme wanted to have Sabbath worship with her family when she went back to her hometown for vacation. So all her Adventist friends took the public bus and went to Esme’s home, where her mother with three of Esme’s siblings and her grandmother welcomed them for a special weekend.

As they shared Sabbath worship together with Esme’s family, Ada’s eyes filled with tears of joy. She couldn’t believe that her daughter was free of illness.

Five months later, Esme’s mother Ada asked to be baptized.

“Now my mother and I believe that the man in our dreams was Jesus,” Esme said.

By Chanmin Chung, communication coordinator, Middle East and North Africa Union

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Adventist Review on Sept. 27, 2016.

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  • Dike Emmanuel

    I am the Lord that healeth them
    We serve a living God , He is in the world today
    All He needs from us is faith in Him , Thank God for Ada baptism while praying for more open doors thro this family ,
    God is awesome

    • Desiree

      GOD is GREAT,Halelujah. Amen.

  • Wojtek Janiuk

    Praise the Lord

  • Kayreen kufa

    Amen amen

  • Fungai Sakaike


  • Catecha Francis

    Praise be to our God! He is Great, and awesome. Never ceases to amaze me. He said in His a Word, even before we call, He will hear and answer our prayers.
    I thank God for those young people who are earnestly doing their part to help to spread the good news of Salvation to all who are willing to listen. May the Lord shield and protect them from the enemy; and I pray for continued blessing on Ada and her family, as they endeavour to share the love of Jesus with the rest of their family.
    Thanks for sharing this testimony with us.

    • Desiree

      Praise the LORD, amen.

    • Eunice Downer

      Amen. May the Lord continue to bless these young people as they share their faith with others

  • Desiree

    Thank YOU ,our Heavenly FATHER for showing up in this family and for YOUR healing power in their lives,YOU are indeed the only PHYSICIAN,thank YOU for healing them completely,thank YOU for YOUR protection over them,YOU also know how and when to give the increase,thank YOU that YOUR word would not return unto YOU void,we bless and praise YOUR name for it is in JESUS name I pray. Amen.

  • Marilyn Fletcher

    To God be the glory!

  • Lory Sylvester

    Thank you Lord for continuing to reveal yourself to us and to ALL your children!

  • Rosalia

    Amen. All the way, He leads us

  • PNB

    I pray for continued blessings on Esme and Ada that their faith will not fail, that God protects and provides and that through them others would be brought into saving relationship with Jesus Christ. – Peter Nigel

  • Jenita

    Thank you Lord for putting this student on campus in the life of Esme. Because of her witnessing 2 souls have been won to You. Esme’s mother accepted you, healing was brought to them. Dear Lord please put the right people in our lives at the right time so lives can be changed for ever for your Name’s sake.

  • shumayela

    Please pray for my daughter who is turning 7 on the 11th of December. She desires to be a missionary. May we pray God continues to guide her until she fulfills her dream.

  • emeka abaribe

    Praise God, truly His word is true that, “He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness..” (Romans. 9:28).
    My prayer, “Lord send out laborers into Your harvest”, amen.

  • Charles Muniko

    Haleluya! Oh! Lord do the same to other likewise because of Your kind love!!!!