The King Cobra Bite and a Desperate Prayer – By Andrew McChesney

The mother paused from gathering firewood in a forest in southern India when she saw an anthill.

She poured some milk on the anthill, folded her hands, closed her eyes, and began murmuring something. As she spoke, a king cobra slithered out of the anthill and headed directly for her.

The king cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake, with a length up to 19 feet, or 6 meters.

Hissing, the snake climbed her left leg and buried its fangs into her skin.

Only then did the astonished woman cry out for help.

“Mother never expected that,” her daughter, Lakshmi, told me. “To her, the snake was her god. She screamed for help.”

No one heard her except Lakshmi, who remembered that teachers at her Seventh-day Adventist boarding school often prayed to Jesus for help.

“Mommy, you don’t worry,” she said. “Just say, ‘Jesus save me.’”

With the snake still clinging to her leg, the scared mother repeated over and over: “Jesus save me. Jesus save me. Jesus save me.”

The snake slowly slid down her leg and disappeared back in the anthill.

Relieved, the mother tore a strip of cloth off her sari, the traditional dress worn by Indian women, and tied a tourniquet on her leg in an attempt to prevent the venom from spreading. Then the mother and daughter hurried home.

“When we reached home, she asked many questions about God,” Lakshmi said.

Lakshmi spoke about the God who created the universe.

“I told her, ‘It is nice to worship our God, the Creator, and not created things,’” she said.

The girl also shared all the things she had heard about Jesus during morning and evening devotions and Sabbath School at James Memorial Higher Secondary School.

The mother never suffered any ill effects from the snakebite. It was a real miracle.

“Mother soon shed her unhappy life as a widow and started to rely on God fully,” said Lakshmi, now 18 and in the 12th grade. “Every Sabbath, she now gathers other villagers together to attend her Adventist church.”

Andrew McChesney is editor of Mission Quarterly at Adventist Mission (

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  • Ros Farrell

    Wow! This is such a powerful story about the faith of a child witnessing to her mother and answered prayer by our Awesome God. All glory to His name

    • Desiree

      Faith is indeed the victory.

  • Fungai Sakaike

    What a mighty God we serve!

    • Desiree


  • Natasha

    To God be the glory! Great things He continues to do to save the pure in heart. Many are serving sincerely, however they are sincerely wrong in the gods they serve.
    But the intent is always an opportunity for Jesus enter their hearts.
    Lord fill our hearts with good soil that we may continue to spread Your Word for the lost. Amen.

  • Derek Morris

    Sometimes we make prayer some complicated. In this remarkable testimony, we hear a simple yet powerful prayer: Jesus save me!
    Lord, teach us to pray simple prayers boldly in Jesus’ name and expect Your will to be accomplished in miraculous ways.

    • Desiree


    • Eunice Downer


    • Gina Geertsma

      Amen Pastor Morris. A simple prayer, short and direct is as strong as a long prayer. God always hear us. Before our mouth is open He already knew what we ask for or what we are going to say.

      • Jenita Larmond

        Amen, Pastor. Just Lord have mercy. Save me

    • Jeanette


    • Evelyn Walcott


    • Naa


    • Letty Kaltonga

      Amen Pastor Morris, Amazing and Powerful!!! Please Jesus save me today, Amen…God bless

    • Patricia Renderos

      Amen Pastor Derick, I need you Jesus save me today I need to so much hear my prayer.

  • Desiree

    What a MIGHTY GOD we serve,when we pray believing with faith and confidence HE hears and answers. Thank GOD for children who are willing and ready to share their faith.

  • Cynthia Duncan Mercer

    Praise God! Beautiful story! I remember a time when I was in a very dark “season” of life. I was troubled at every turn I made. A sincere Christian woman came to my apartment one night to offer me encouragement. I begged of her to tell me how to get out of the “miry clay” I was so deep into. She simply said, “Cindy, just say the name Jesus. He will hear your cry.”

    Simple as that! Simple, bold and powerful… Jesus! I soon was claiming Psalm 40 as I called on Jesus and my life has never been the same! Hallelujah!!

  • Andrew Manyevere

    It is never a coincident when God claims his children from the path of darkness and death. Here I am talking of eternal death. I can fully understand the lady’s need for a saviour when worshipping the very snake that beat her. God always meets us in our roads of in decisions and depending on how genuine our ignorance is and level of commitment His promise that He will not leave us alone has never been faulted. The humble lady in her hunt for a savior had a bite for life. Never can Memory fail you to remember such a drastic event that turns up a visit from God our father. Is it not touching that Romans 8:28 becomes a reality under our watch. The daughter who knew the real God had to be there to help make a prayer of sulvation. Mother never doubted. She sang the song of her salvation the snake on hearing the name Jesus let go and ashamed run for her life. The battle is never ours but belongs to God. Even when ignorant but with faith we will take God at his word. Powerful story on God’s creatures and their Creator.

    • Jenita Larmond

      Great testimony. Our God does not bite or hurt us. He loves and protects.

      • Margaret Major

        Amen, or he wounds to heal as in the days of Elijah and the great drought.

  • Jergens Celis Wanyonyi

    …at the end Jesus wins! since HE saves!

  • PNB

    Awesome testimony! Reminds me of the servant girl through whom Naman the leper came to know of the one true God who healed him of his leprosy.

    – Peter Nigel

  • Beverley Joseph

    A little child shall lead them. Thank God for our Christian institutions.

  • Wojtek Janiuk

    Praise the Lord!

  • emeka abaribe

    We praise our good God, “Lord teach us to pray”. Oh Lord send more laborers into Your ripe harvest, amen.

  • Wow. What a story. Jesus really saves.

  • Modester Nyirenda

    God help us to be simple and not complicate ourselves when talking to you because you know what we want before we start talking to you.

  • Patricia Renderos

    Amen, wow we have an awesome God. Praise the Lord