Surprising Outcome from One Man’s Wreck – By Don Jacobsen

Green, Yellow and Red Traffic Light in the London city..My pastor friend, Virgil Covel, always prays for divine providences as he seeks to be a witness for the Lord. Sometimes God answers in very unique and unexpected ways.

A few weeks ago, he was headed to the office one morning when he was broadsided by a truck. The crash totaled his car. Then the truck drove off. Victim of a hit-and-run collision, and now sitting in a car that wouldn’t run, Virgil wondered what to do next. As he was gathering his thoughts he was surprised to look up and see the same truck come back and then pull up behind him.

Surprisingly, the young driver came over and apologized to Victor, then added, “I’m really in trouble; I’ll never be forgiven for this.”

“Is it your dad?” Virgil queried.

“No, I mean God. I wrecked a man’s car, I could have killed him, and I don’t even have a driver’s license.”

After pushing the car to a safe place the two headed for town in the man’s truck. Virgil sensed that he was talking to a young man who had some empty spiritual spaces in his life so he suggested they stop and have breakfast. Before the morning was over Virgil led the young driver to the cross where he found forgiveness. Later, when they got the paper work taken care of the young driver dropped Virgil off at his office. As he turned to leave, he put out his hand and said, “I hope you don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say, but I’m glad I hit you today.”

“Me, too,” Virgil replied. Truly God does have a story shop of divine providences. And as the Bible tells us, “What the enemy means for evil, God can turn to good” (paraphrase of Gen. 50:20).

By Don Jacobsen, prayer ministries with North American Division

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  • Elario Fortune

    With God’s love and Holy Spirit in our lives, its like a second nature to forgive those who have tresspassed against us and in so doing he assists us to lead them to Him

    • Terence

      Most certainly Elario. Like our Bible study for this semester indicates when we are filled with the Spirit only His fruit will fall from us when challenges come into our lives to shake us.

  • Noeline Cutts

    I pray that that young man will be called by the Lord & win many souls to Him.

  • Derek Morris

    Powerful! I’m sitting here at the Bucharest airport thanking God for His miraculous inventions in our lives. He can work all things together for good for those who love Him!
    Thanks for your prayers for the nationwide evangelistic emphasis in Romania.
    We have seen God work in marvelous ways.
    The miracle has just begun!

    • Gina

      Amen Pastor Morris. Glory be to God. Wonderful and marvelous God.

    • Letty Kaltonga

      Amen Pastor, it is true indeed our God is Amazing and Powerful in ALL. He works in ways that we cannot see, He will make a way for us in ALL.

      • Victoria

        Amen, for The Lord does beyond what we are able to ask or imagine.

    • Evelyn Walcott

      Praise the Lord Amen

    • Winn

      Praise the Lord Pastor Derek.

  • Oh this is awesome. Sometimes we don’t always know why things happen but we have to trust God anyway. Awesome testimony!

    • Eunice Downer

      Amen sis.

  • John Gilmore

    Romans 8:28-29 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, …, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.”

  • Dike Emmanuel

    Our God is a master designer. All things really work for good to them that love the Lord .
    He makes all things good at His time . As humans we must key into His plan for us . Hallelujah the Lord have won the battle for us . The enemy is forever a defeated foe .

  • Jerry Page

    Praise the lord for this miracle providence story, Don! I need to remember to pray for the providences of His grace in my life every day too!!
    We rejoice in all he has done for so many of us in Romania and other Eastern European countries in answer to prayer in these recent weeks of special united prayer and efforts!! Than You Lord!!

  • Jeanette

    Praise God! A car wreck would seem a most unlikely way to use for winning a soul, but God has a thousand ways to work that we’ve never dreamed of.

  • PNB

    Praise JAH! God does work in myriad ways His acts of love and grace to perform! We have to be willing to cooperate and partner with God as situations occur. Pastor Virgil Covel had to have discernment to realize that the young man needed God and that he, Virgil, led by Holy Spirit could affect a spiritual makeover in the young man’s life. I pray that God grant us the spirit of discernment and courage and boldness to act as colaborers together with Christ to light up the darkness in this sin sick world.

    Sisters and brothers, please pray for a dear brother in Christ. David C. has been battling cancer (leukemia) for some time now. Please uplift him and his dear wife and family in prayer.
    Blessings. – Peter Nigel

  • Marilyn Fletcher

    A powerful testimony. God truly works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. Imagine, an accident leading to repentance, conversion, and a new life in Christ!

  • PNB

    Thank you for your prayers for David C. who is battling leukemia. There is a recent development regarding which I am soliciting your prayers. He is facing a $2000 USD copayment for medicine. This, in addition to many other copayments in the hundreds of dollars range for each medicine that his family has had to pay in the past. This current one is the most expensive yet.
    I do not know all the details but it’s my understanding that if the clinic agrees to pay for his treatment then the insurance company will pay for the medicine. Please pray that God will work this situation out to his glory for David C.
    – Peter Nigel

  • bonnie

    Praise to our Lord God for Virgil’s response of God’s love and the gifts of the Spirit. Our daily battle cry, use me dear Lord I’m yours then open our eyes, ears and hearts to do His good service.

  • Joy Bailey

    We will never as humans understand our ‘illogical God’ He defies all human logics. May learn to trust Him, where we cannot trace Him. We praise Him for leading this young man to Himself and for allowing the Pastor to be calm under the circumstances so that the Holy Spirit could work through him. Thank You Lord.

    • cecily

      We must remember that human logic, or logos, in ancient times was considered a god to be worshiped. So we should always put God before logic and let God work awesome works in us.

  • Chidi Young Jr.

    Very powerful. Amen.

  • Thembie Mapingire

    Powerful testimony. Amen

  • PNB

    Thank you for answered prayers! I just received this update from David’s sister, Grace regarding the means for procuring the medication:

    “Thanks Nigel the doctors were able to work it out that he is able to get the medication as an outpatient starting today should be going back to the apartment later today. Thanks so much for your prayers and also for prayer warriors response May God continue to bless you ”

    Praise JAH!! Peter Nigel

    • Esther

      Thank you gracious God.

    • Winn

      Amen Perer Nigel. Praying for him on BHP. Actually just about three quarters of an hour ago. Have not been able to check comments on BHP for the last two days. God bless.

  • N Bal4 – Sinner saved by Grace

    Praise be to God for using his own ways to save His children.

  • Wojtek Janiuk

    Amen and Amen