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Do you have a testimony from this past 10 Days of Prayer? We’d love you to share it with our prayer community. Please write it out here in the comments below, or e-mail us at:

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  • Lydiah

    After the birth of our second daughter in late 2014, my early devotion hours began to start late to the point where l had to rush through the service so as to begin my morning chores before works hours. All along I felt something lacking especially the experience gained from spending quality time with God.

    Before I began the recently ended 10 days of prayer, I made a request to God to allow me once again have the experience of arising early for quality devotion hours at His feet. Holding on to His promise to answer when we call, Jeremiah 33:3, I decided to ask for a little more that if He wills, He would be the one to wake me up and not the alarm which I set to ring at 5 in the morning.

    On 5th night, I retired trusting God to do His will. True to His word, the Lord woke me up at 3 in the morning and I joyously went through the days devotion with a clear mind and head without even feeling sleepy! I even went through day’s prayer requests and encouragement on Our greatest need in readiness for the special prayer hour I set aside for the 10 days to be spent with my 2 daughters!

    God is truly good and has never failed to amaze me, for since then, He daily wakes me up for prayers at any hour between 2-4 in the morning and I no longer need an alarm for this. My morning devotions have been revived and all glory and thanks be to God!

    Am even more encouraged to continue praying for those who were in my prayer list for the 10 days, my husband included that he will open his heart to God and that one day we will all as a family be part of the heavenly family. All in God’s time, all in His time!

    May we all learn to daily abide in Christ and experience the abundance of life found therein!

    • Justina

      Amen Lydiah, my prayer too is to get up early in the morning before preparing for work to fall before God in prayer and worship. I will begin to ask God for this request. Please join me in prayer for this action in my life. Continue to pray for your husband. God will answer. There are many women including me who daily pray for a change of heart in our husbands. I see the small changes often. God is working on my husband piece by piece. Let us remain faithful.

      • Lydiah

        Amen! Justina, God is truly good all the times. You are in my prayers, and God’s will, for His name’s glory and our good, will be done.

  • Melodious Echo

    Sooo excited about how God blessed in my own life during this past 10 days of prayer. Not only did God take me deeper in my own journey of surrender and revive me, but He also answered some very specific prayers I’ve been praying for awhile — from seeing some friends I’ve been praying for, begin to be revived and fall more in love with Jesus, to seeing several new exciting open doors in ministry, to provision for specific physical needs I had …. and most exciting to seeing the American Pastor Saeed set free from his prison in Iran where he’s been held for the past 3+ years. I’ve been praying for him (I know thousands of other people have as well) for over 3 years, and I thought it was really significant that he was released on the final day of 10 days of Prayer. My family all cried when we heard the news. Even the lawyers working on his religious freedom case said, “We worked hard, but his release is an act of God. This is a miracle!!!” So God is getting the glory! Now we need to continue to pray for the healing of his family as they put their lives back together. We also need to continue to pray for the many other Christians (SDA and otherwise) that are being persecuted in other countries around the world for their faith. May we not be asleep to the plight of the persecuted! Jesus is coming soon!

    • Eding Sevilla Dela Cruz

      Amen! Praise God from all blessings flow!

    • Maricelle Pollito

      Wow! God is really amazing!

  • Jean De Dieu Niyomufasha

    Praise God. This 10 days of prayer have been a time of revival in my personal walk and relationship with Christ. I am a freshman in one Russian Aerospace University. I am a foreign student from Rwanda. While I was blessed that no classes were scheduled on Saturdays in this past fall semester, sophomores used to tell me that, since the next semester, practicals will be held on Saturdays, as it has always been in the past years. Wanting to excuse my weaknesses, I used to say: “God also sees that I need practics for my studies to go well. He knows that I did’nt have any experience concerning my career before. So my studies won’t proceed unless I go for practical classes.” I imagined being expelled from university because of Sabbath observance, but my mind couldn’t bear it. My prayer to God was: “God, you see that, unless you do a miracle for the school not to put classes on Saturday, my studies won’t proceed. I don’t want to be chased from school. I don’t want to go back to my country without completing my degree. Lord make a miracle. Don’t allow them to put classes on Saturdays.” Praying in this way, I was almost ready to attend classes, unless God answered my prayer as I wished. However the Holy Spirit kept convincing me that that was not the right attitude to have and that, not only did I need to ask God to make a miracle concerning the schedule, but also to ask him to change my heart and to strengthen my faith so that, whatever might the situation end up to be, I could stand faithful to God. So my prayer changed, and became: “Lord, help me, keep me strong, to stay faithful to you, whatever the situation.” However, my faith was not strong enough. I didn’t believe that I could get enough power to resist going to classes on Saturdays. While I went through this in the past semester, my life changed in these 10 days of prayer.

    Not feeling at ease spiritually, I decided to attend a youth camp that was to be held on Jan 3 to Jan 8 in Yekaterinburg. After a 19 hrs journey in train, I spent the Jan 2 Sabbath in Chelyabinsk, a five hours drive from Yekaterinburg. My experience on that day was amazing. As part of Sabbath school, the youth class which I attended took a short time of thanksgiving before going through the Bible study lesson. Most of the testimonies shared were about how God had helped brothers and sisters in similar cases: Sabbath observance versus classes on Saturdays. This reminded me of God’s power and that, if He helped the others through similar situations, it’s not hard for Him to do the same to me. My heart was then encouraged to surrender all to God, and to let Him do His will on me. In the next days, in the camp, I leanrt that perfect joy is found only in obedience to God. All the scriptures that I read were urging me to obey God. In Believe His Prophets, we were reading through Deuteronomy, where Moses was beseeching Israelites to obey God in all their days in the promised land as their only source of peace. In Bible study lessons, we were looking at the rebellion in heaven, and in Eden, and how disobedience to God lead to death.In the 10 days of prayer, I saw that, Abiding in Christ and Christ in me, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I am more than a conqueror, than I have victory over sin, and that I’ll have eternal joy of obedience. I made a commitment TO OBEY GOD ALWAYS, with His help. Hadn’it been God’s help in the past ten days of prayer, I would still be in the devil’s bondage. But now, I am thanking God, that he is strengthening my faith each single day.

    Today, the semester is yet to start, and I am still on my knees, asking God for forgivness for the time when I was not ready to stand on His side, and for power to stand strong in the upcoming time of trial. I still don’t know what the scedule is going to look like, but I am grateful to God that He is willing to give me the best, according to His will, and that He will go with me through the trial if He finds it better that I go through it.

    Finally, I am asking for prayers for everyone in such cases, that we may be prepared to stand firm to the Word of God, even in the storm of trials.

    • Kayreen kufa

      I have prayed for you

      • Jean De Dieu Niyomufasha

        Thank you very much, Kayreen, for joining the circle of prayers.

    • Thembie Mapingire

      I have prayed for you Jean, God sees the desire of your heart and He will grant it. He is faithful to finish what He began in you, including your course and your faith

      • Jean De Dieu Niyomufasha

        Thank you very much for the Encouraging words, Thembie. Stay blessed.

    • Robert Sikawa

      Dear Jean, i have read with intense interest the circumstances and the growth that your faith is experiencing now. I keep praying for you that you keep growing to fully accept whatever God sees fit for you. A life of surrender,total surrender is what we need to learn to live. Some have yielded up their lives to keep their faith, we can yield up anything too to keep the faith. May God bless you so much my brother.

      • Jean De Dieu Niyomufasha

        Thank you very much, brother Robert. Nothing is comparable to the Joy of Obedience to God. May God reveal it to us. Be blessed, brother.

  • Cynthia

    There are so many blessings to give God thanks. During the ten days my church gathered together on the first Wednesday and of course on Sabbath. During the week we had about 30 people on the church prayer line. We had lively discussions and prayed earnestly. During the first week I got a call from my sister, who I was praying for, during a prayer session. I left the session to take the call. She told me she would be at church that Sabbath. What a blessing! Throughout the 10 days, several members called me after the session for special individual prayer. During the second week, I was moved to call a friend whose son has a mental condition. I prayed with her and that following Sabbath he went to church service with her and to AY. On the last Sabbath, we viewed the movie “War Room”. The members were really impacted. One member text me early Sunday morning to let me know she had set up her own war room. She even sent pictures. We continue to pray and are making plans to use the 10 day format for the week of prayer. Several of our members are anxious to have another 10 days of prayer. God is blessing and answering prayers even now. We are so thankful for this initiative by GC. God be with you all.

  • Timothée Tambwe Kasisa

    Salut frères et sœurs. Que Dieu bénisse l’initiative des 10 jours de prière. 2 années de suite, Dieu m’utilise pour imprimer les brochures des 10 jours de prière pour mon église et celles qui nous entoure. Cette 2e fois, je croyais que ça ne réussirait pas, mais j’ai remercié Dieu de voir l’enthousiasme avec lequel mon Église de Kakamba/Uvira; Sud-Kivu en RDC a non seulement eu pour ces 10 jours, mais aussi pour la nuit de prière à la fin des 10 jours. Avant la fin des jours de prière, Dieu a béni beaucoup parmi nous, en sorte que certains ne savaient expliquer d’où venait qu’ils aient à manger alors qu’il n’y avait pas espoir d’argent. Si pareils programmes pouvaient revenir tous les 2 mois après, nombreux ont recommandé aux anciens d’Église.Car c’était une première fois pour certains de réaliser une nuit de prière.
    On aura encore beaucoup à dire avec le temps.

    • Melodious Echo

      Timothée’s message TRANSLATED:

      Hi Family. God bless the initiative of the 10 days of prayer. Two years ago, God uses me to print the brochures of the 10 days of prayer for my church and those around us. This time, which is the second time, I thought it would not succeed , but I thank God to see the enthusiasm with which my Church Kakamba / Uvira ; South Kivu in RDC has not only been for these 10 days , but for the night prayer at the end of 10 days. Before the end days of prayer, God has blessed many of us, so that some knew how God would provide and give them food to eat even when there seemed no money or hope. If such programs could come back every 2 months, it would be wonderful. It was a first time for many of us to make a night of prayer .

      We still have a lot to say with time.

      Thank you. – Timothée Tambwe Kasisa

  • Star

    The 10 days of prayer was so much needed for me and those who joined me. God really blessed. The Lord blessed with jobs,new cars,healing of health, restored relationships with Him,total deliverance for my son and my friends son from unhealthy realationships. He’s turning the hearts of my children back to Him and filling them with the Holy Spirit, working out situations and circumstances in which only he could do, He’s giving me more faith in His word,He’s teaching me more each day total obedience to Him and His word,He’s also helping me to stand on His promises no matter what comes my way,I’m so grateful that our God does all He can to reach us to save us. I pray that I will continue to have a prayer life tat pleases God. May He continue to prepare His people for His soon coming. I know that there’s many more blessing to come. AMEN.

  • Pearl

    @ the end of this 10 days of prayers my baby boy started working. Lord please save my young son

  • Jean De Dieu Niyomufasha

    Praise God.
    A number of days ago, I shared the experience I got in the last Ten Days of Prayer, the way my faith grew, and the prayer request concerning the classes scheduled on Saturdays. I want to share the good news that God answered my prayer positively. This Wednesday morning, the next semester’s schedule was published, and I was blessed to find that no classes are scheduled on Saturdays. This got my faith stronger, and taught me that, if it happens that classes be scheduled on Saturdays in other semesters, God won’t have forsaken me, but will be calling me to stand as His witness in the unbelieving world.

    Thanks to everyone who joined me in prayer. Please join me giving Him praises.

  • Lory Sylvester

    This was our first 10 Days of Prayer and it was truly a blessing. In my heart, I believe this was the starting point for us to truly become a House of Prayer!