Seen and Unseen Angels – By Melody Mason

img_1503-2This past weekend while returning from a conference in South Carolina, the tire blew out on my van. This was not just a normal flat tire. This was a massive explosion where the tire was shredded all the way around. It’s really a miracle that we did not have a wreck as we were traveling 70 mph down the Interstate when it blew.

While still four hours away from home, my friends and I pulled off the road and set to work to change the tire. The problem is, none of us knew how to change the tire. “Dear Lord,” we prayed. “Please help us know how to do this. And if you think we need help, please send someone to help us.” Not long after, when we had done all that we knew to do, a stranger stopped to help us. With new tire in place, we praised the Lord as we went on our way, thanking the Lord for sending us a human angel to help us.

However, two days later, I was in for an even greater miracle.

A friend and I were on the way back to work after a dinner together with a co-worker when we were approaching a busy intersection. However, we weren’t planning to turn at this intersection but at a second intersection another 100 feet up the road. The problem was, as we discussed our turn at the second light, we didn’t see that the light for the intersection we were approaching had just turned red. That is, not until we were driving into the intersection and a mass of cars were suddenly headed across our path.

It all happened so fast, I couldn’t even scream. We both saw it coming. There was no way that a crash could be avoided. Instantly, my friend slammed on the brakes and smoke went up from the tires as we slid into the traffic that was beginning to cross in front of us. However, what happened next is so surreal, it’s actually like a dream.

We went into the edge of this car, which never swerved or reacted. But then we bounced back. We both were waiting for that crunching sound of metal….but the sound never came. It was as if there was a supernatural cushion between us and that car. And the car that we had seemed to hit drove on with no signs of any impact and with no recognition that they had almost been crashed into.

Immediately my friend backed up a good 8-10 feet, as we were so far into the lane of traffic that we had to get out of the way of the rest of the oncoming cars. Finally when the light turned green, we drove on.

As you can imagine we prayed most of the way back to work as we praised God for answering a prayer of protection that we didn’t even have time to call out. Over and over I repeated, “Praise the Lord! We should have hit that car. Praise the Lord! Thank you God for protecting us!”

As we reflected on what happened there is no explanation except that God sent His angels to stand between us and that other car. So this week I’m praising the Lord for His angels, both the ones who assist us through the kindness of fellow human beings, and those that are unsceen who fly immediately to our rescue. Truly “The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” (Ps. 34:7).

Melody Mason coordinates United in Prayer for the World Church.

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