Praying Together Made All the Difference! – By Sarah Lynn

We always had a strong Christ-centered marriage. We prayed together, had devotions together, and worked together closely in ministry. Then we made the decision to adopt a group of siblings. As to be expected, our couple time was drastically reduced.

For awhile, after so many strong years of marriage, we were on auto-pilot and things seemed to be okay. Gradually, however, with little time to pray together, small things, which would have never been a problem before, began to eat away at our marriage. When I tried to talk about this, my husband would get defensive. As a result I began to feel more and more isolated and discouraged.

Finally, after praying about our relationship for a time, I realized I needed to stop asking God to change my husband, and I just needed to let God have full control of me. At this time I began that God would touch him, be with him, lead him, and perhaps most importantly, that God would make me into the wife I needed to be.

After a few weeks of praying like this, we went to a marriage seminar that our church was hosting. Interestingly, one of the things they shared was that to have a happy marriage spouses should pray together.

The next morning as I was having my quiet time, my husband came up and we started talking and he suggested that we start praying together again as a couple.  I couldn’t believe it as this was what I’d been praying for.

From that moment on, things began to improve. We are now parenting better, our relationship is better, and life is better because we are communicating better. And I know this is all because of our praying together.  I just have to keep asking God to change me daily, and I leave my husband up to God.

Recently we were having a moment with one of our kids and my husband was getting frustrated. Normally, I would have glared at him or said something trying to diffuse the situation, but this time I just turned around and started praying.  And just like that the tension was over. My husband calmed down, made things right, and next thing you know we are all in tears and loving on each other. Truly God hears and answers our prayers!

Sarah Lynn is a pastor’s wife who writes anonymously under a pseudonym.

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