Praying for Mr. C’s Healing – By a Pioneer worker in Asia

phonto-2My Adventist teammate and I know that prayer is powerful. Because of this, we always pray before going out on the street to share the gospel in the restrictive Asian country where we live. In fact, because we believe in the power of prayer, we really have spent lots of time praying.

But for a long time nothing seemed to happen despite all the prayers. We saw no breakthrough in our work on the streets.

As a result, we got a little discouraged and began to lose our way. How could we continue the pioneer work and church-planting plan when we saw no spiritual breakthrough?

However we did not have any other way to keep the work going other than prayer. So we continued praying, even though we saw no results.

One day as we were praying before leaving for the streets, a church member rushed into our house church to say her husband was very sick and had requested prayer. Her eyes filled with tears. We understood that the need was critical, so we changed our plan from trying to witness on the streets and instead went to her home.

Mr. C was very ill and weak. Our hearts were broken when we saw him. We prayed for him and sang some Christian songs. Despite his weakness, he smiled at us. In fact, he looked better after our prayer.

After praying with him daily for a week, he had improved enough to speak with us. We were praising the Lord!

Mr. C was not a believer when we met him. But today he has accepted Jesus, the God of his wife, as real and powerful. He is beginning to study the Bible to learn more about Jesus.

Seeing God’s hand in Mr. C’s life has reminded us that God hears our prayers after all. But perhaps He wants us to focus on the people who are closest to us first. While we will continue praying for a breakthrough in sharing the gospel on the streets, we have decided that the best place to start is with our church members and their families. We believe that another Mr. C or Mrs. C is waiting for our visit. They need to hear about Jesus and His everlasting gospel.

In Acts 16:31, we are promised: “Have faith in the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will have salvation.”

We must continue the work to bring more non-Christian family members to Jesus.

Editor’s Note: This is the testimony of a pioneer worker in an area of Asia where sharing about Christ is difficult and sometimes risky. While we cannot share names, please pray for the workers and new believers there, for God knows their names.

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4543060842_e4fdb33047_bPractical Application: 

Perhaps you have loved ones that don’t know about Jesus or don’t accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Maybe you’ve tried to share the truth and they’ve been resistant to your sharing.

May we suggest that in addition to praying for them, you ask God to show you ways that you can practically reach out to meet some need they have. Often we are encouraged to share bread or some special treat with our neighbors trying to build bridges and win their hearts, but what about our family, or backslidden members in the church. Instead of visiting them with an agenda to convert them to some doctrine or truth, why don’t you consider visiting them with a special gift, and telling them you just stopped to see how they are and ask what you can pray about for them. Listen and look for ways to reach out and meet a need, and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work.

Dear Heavenly Father, how our hearts ache for our loved ones to come to know You as we do. Sometimes we try and try to share the truth, and they still aren’t interested. Maybe we’ve been going about things all wrong. Instead of preparing a sermon to share next time we meet, help us to spend more time on our knees praying for them. Show us how we can love them, encourage them, and meet needs that they may have, and dear Lord, please give us patience as Your Spirit works on their hearts. We know at the right time and in the right way, You can open the doors for them to receive the truth. Thanks for hearing this prayer! In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen!

Promises to Claim: 1 John 3:18, Ex. 4:12

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  • Margaret Major

    A very moving story regarding Mr C from a Pioneer Worker in Asia, thank you.
    People, (strangers) and our precious family members (blood and church) are nearly always touched by our interest in their health needs. Our prayers for them and their families done with genuine interest in their suffering and seeking healing always gives courage and hope, so long as we resist the desire to sermonize about what they are doing wrong. Disinterested benevolence has and always will be the best way, (the Jesus way), to first create an interest and then hopefully the Holy Spirit will draw them to Himself. [I am speaking from first hand experience as one who has been on the receiving end of such unconditional love, it changed my life].
    Thank you for the thoughts in the Practical Application and the wonderful Promises to claim; powerful. I was encouraged and challenged after meditating on the Practical Application that I need to apply MORE PRAYER in my life as I seek to reach out to or win back precious souls for Jesus. Prayer is the greatest and first ACTION we need to do.
    May God abundantly bless all our self-sacrificing Pioneer Workers in Asia and in all the countries around the world. Amen.

    • Sharon

      Amen!! in full agreement

    • tsholofelo

      Amen. They really need our prayers for protection.

  • Wojtek Janiuk


  • Ken

    Yes, make this the prayer of every one of us. Thank you for posting this.

  • Linda Moindi-Matonda

    What a wonderful testimony of God’s evident presence and desire to work with us and direct our work in the mission field. Thank you for the practical application we have moved into a new neighborhood and I feel impressed to reach out to my neighbors so this is very timely.
    Praise the Lord!

  • Annette Alleyne

    Thanks for recommending another way to reach out to unsaved and backslidden family members. I love it and will try it. It gives the sense of putting their interest to God instead of foisting Him on them.

  • Akudo

    Praise God of Host for this powerful testimony. I joyfully present a sister by name Mrs Eugenious, her own husband said she’ll not live to see her 50th birthday. How sad, but l know that this same God who healed Mr. C will heal her even as at 49 she’s beginning to experience little little ailments. Join your faiths with mine brethren as we call Heaven on Mrs Eugenious behalf. God bless you real good for your prayers.

    • tsholofelo

      May God touch Mrs Eugen in a special way and give her complete healing according to His will.

    • PNB

      In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I have uplifted Mrs Eugenious and presented her and her husband and family to our Heavenly Father. He is touched by our infirmities. – Peter Nigel

  • Suzanne Jacobs

    Amazing truth, our firt ministry is just around. Eternal hope, Jesus prayed for us (John 17) also because our eventual weak on praying. Blessing assurance, God is the same, ever! Let’s go foward, people of the Beloved and Great I Am.

  • Justina

    Thank you for this powerful testimony. I am grateful for the proposed methods of reaching out to our very own family members. Our on-time God has done it again. I continue to prayer and ask God to please save my /our families. Oh that I may trust Him more. Thank you very much. Meeting the needs of individuals is a great strategy that can be utilized to share Jesus. Actions still speak louder than words. Let us continue to pray for each other and our families. God bless.

    • tsholofelo

      God bless you too. Your prayer is mine. Amen.

  • tsholofelo

    I pfaise the Lord for this testimony which so much matches my experiences. As a teacher in a public school and in the Guidance and Counselling department, my soul yearns to see the broken children involved in drugs and substance abuse living God guided clean lives, it yearns to see those with all kinds of disability living lives full of hope but at times I feel discouraged when it seems the situation worsens instead of improving. I also have family members from both my home of birth and my in laws whom I long to see living God guided lives and have been praying for them for years. I thank God for this week’s encouragement and ask you brothers and sisters to help me pray for better ways of serving these people and helping them see what is good for them. Have a blessed week.

    • PNB

      Praying for you that you will persist in prayer and that you will be shown better ways of serving the children, your in laws and family members. – Peter Nigel