My Bible’s Mysterious Journey – by Kandus Thorp

We all have things that are very dear and precious to us. Things that we can’t imagine living without. My most precious possession is my Bible.

I’ve had this Bible for almost 15 years, and it travels with me everywhere I go. It is filled with highlights as well as dates by special promises that we’ve prayed as a family or that I’ve prayed individually. Various passages have come alive in times of distress and have brought comfort and courage. Nothing could replace this precious Bible!

With this in mind, you can imagine my distress when last October 2015, I accidently left my Bible in a rental car.  We prayed earnestly as we contacted the rental company, asking them if they could find it. But our efforts to locate my precious Bible were to no avail. All appeared hopeless. How I missed my Bible! It felt as if there was a hole in my heart. How could I be SO careless? I continued praying and pleading that miraculously God would bring my Bible back to me.

Finally, several months later, in early in December, I got a message on Facebook from a complete stranger. It was a lady sending me pictures of my Bible. She told me excitedly, “I can’t believe this, but I found your Bible in my rental car and it’s just what I need. Can I just keep it for a few days so I can read more in it?”

I was thrilled! God had finally answered my prayer. Since I happened to be in South Africa at the time, traveling for Hope Channel, I wrote her back that it would be no problem for her to keep my Bible a few days as I wouldn’t be home right away. However, I sent her my address and fully expected that it would be in my mailbox when I returned. But when I got home, still, there was no Bible.

Urgently I contacted her again, telling her how precious my Bible was to me and that I’d really like to have it back. She shared with me some of the challenges in her life and promised to return it. Finally she responded. “I’m so sorry. I feel really bad. But I have a busy house with small children and I have no idea where it has gone to.”

My heart sank. Meanwhile every day, it seemed every time I turned around I continuing missing my precious Bible!

We kept in contact every few weeks, and I continued to pray “Oh Lord, you know where my Bible is. Can you please bring it back to me?” At one point she even told me that she’d had a dream that she had found my Bible. I just prayed harder!

A couple more months went by, then one day I received an e-mail message from another stranger. This time it was a man. He was sending me a picture of the front of my Bible. He wrote, “I found your Bible in my rental car!” Ironically it was the same rental vehicle I too had rented!

I called him on the phone right away. As it turned out, he was only one-hour drive away from where we lived. My husband and I looked at each other, and then told him, “We’re coming right now!” So we hopped in our vehicle and went to reclaim the precious Bible.

Where my Bible traveled on it’s mysterious journey and how God used it during our almost 6+ months apart, I may never know during this life. However, I’m looking forward to hearing the full story from my angel when I get to heaven. I’m so thankful to have it back. One thing I know for sure, is that my Bible means more to me than I ever realized!

Truly God does care and He does answer our prayers!

Kandus Thorp is director for international development at Hope Channel. This story was initially shared on the live program “Let’s Pray,” which she co-hosts weekly on the Hope Channel. To tune in or learn more, visit:

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