Miracle in San Diego – Part 2 – by Monet St. Juste

deaster[Editors note: To read the first part of this testimony posted last week, click here!]

While the Brown family received significant assistance physically as they learned to follow God’s health laws, the real miracle came as God transformed their hearts.

For morning devotions, Mr. and Mrs. Brown began reading the book “The Ministry of Healing” by Ellen G. White. In the evenings, Bible studies were led out by young missionaries Ezra and Racquel. The couple, especially Mr. Brown, loved devotional time and wanted everyone he knew to share in his experience. He began inviting family members, neighbors, and friends to learn simple Bible truths.

Then came the day that Mr. and Mrs. Brown celebrated their first Sabbath together. Family and friends who accepted the Browns’ invitation to worship together were so impressed that they asked to meet again the following Sabbath.

The next Sabbath, the group doubled in size. The participants, all non-Adventists, spoke about how they had never heard the Scriptures being explained in such a clear way before. They readily accepted Bible doctrines and wanted to learn more. Some even expressed a desire to organize a new Seventh-day Adventist church on the spot.

When it came time for Racquel and Ezra to fly home, Mr. and Mrs. Brown thanked them for following God’s will. The couple said their lives had changed for the better and would never be the same again.

What a miracle and answer to prayer. Not only did God answer Ezra and Racquel’s prayer for physical restoration for the Browns, but He also answered above and beyond what they had asked for by bringing spiritual healing. We are never too young or old to point souls to Jesus. The Adventist health message, along with much prayer, truly is a powerful entering wedge.

Monet St. Juste, writes from New York, where he serves as coordinator of the family ministry called Eden Lifestyle.

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  • Wojtek Janiuk

    Praise the Lord

  • Vlasta Hitzgerová

    Amen! Thank you very much for sharing this story. “The Ministry of Healing” was the first book by Ellen G. White I read. It is really a great book.

    • shannon robinson-pitkin

      Indeed it is, it brings healing in every aspects of our lives.

  • Natasha

    Absolutely beautiful testimony! Lord thank you for making a way into the folks hearts. Continue to draw them, save them and seal them for Your eternal kingdom, amen.

  • Desiree

    What an interesting testimony. Thank GOD for blessing our efforts when we work together with HIM for HIM. Praise GOD.

  • Derek Morris

    God wants us to enjoy good physical health, even as our spiritual life prospers.
    I’m so thankful God cares about every aspect of our lives!
    What a great and awesome God!

    • Eunice Downer

      Amen. We do serve an awesome God!

    • Margaret Major

      So true.

  • PNB

    – Peter Nigel

  • Marilyn Fletcher

    What a wonderful testimony to the power of God to use each of us to lead someone to Christ.

  • D.V.B.

    God honors risk-taking faith. He delights when we step out on his behalf. He calls upon the young because they are strong. Continue to shine for Jesus young people, and give all the glory to Him. Watch Him use you to do mighty deeds in His name. I pray that the Browns will keep pressing on the upward way, gaining new heights every day. #HigherGround!

    • Letty Kaltonga

      Amen D.V.D in Christ alone we can make a difference. Blessings

  • shumayela

    Thank you for the testimony. I also firmly believe in the health message. I am a stay at home mum although up to 4 years ago l used to work in the finance sector. I have been offered a chance to help out at one of the companies for 2 hours each week, please pray that God guides and gives me balance. I have to mother 2 kids and am also seeking to sharpen my skills in our health message. I need to start reading the finance journals and work and l pray for the intellect to understand fast so that not too much time will be consumed in this, may God also use this as an entering wedge for the health message.

    • shannon robinson-pitkin

      Will be praying for you Sis, the health message is the right arm of the gospel. As Jesus brought spiritual healing, notice He ministered to that if the health, phyicsl and other needs as well. His plan is wholistic.

  • shannon robinson-pitkin

    Amen for this powerful testimony. His love for us limitless, He wants us to be in health and lead good spiritual lives so that we may serve Him optimally.

  • PNB

    What are the 23 countries in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)?
    The 20 something plus names for TED , WAD etc. were listed when their divisions were profiled, but the countries in SID were not listed.

    • Melodious Echo

      PNB, these prayer request and fact sheets are actually based on what the Division presidents gave us! Some of the leaders listed countries for their divisions when they gave us their fact sheet and prayer request…..and some didn’t. The sheets are just meant to help church members get to know the divisions and their leaders a bit more, but not a comprehensive official overview by the world church. Thanks for praying for them though. We know God is hearing your prayers.

      • PNB

        Thank you Melodious. Guess I will have to satisfy my curiosity by going on the GC or division website 😊.
        No worries.