How Prayer Changed a Free Clinic – By Lela Lewis

Every evening after providing free medical treatment to hundreds of people at a free clinic organized by Your Best Pathway to Health, the volunteers have gathered together to worship and share miracle stories from the day.

But we did something different at our most recent free clinic in Beckley, West Virginia. We invited the patients to join us.

The idea came to me one morning during my prayer time with God.

Sensing the need to more quickly connect people to “whole person care” — the secrets to physical, mental, and spiritual health, and to find better ways to invite them to visit health information centers set up at local Seventh-day Adventist churches after the free clinics ended, I prayed earnestly.

As a result, I felt impressed to change the focus of the evening meetings toward the patients while still maintaining an exciting time for the volunteers.

In subsequent discussions with the programming team, and again with much prayer, we decided to invite the patients to a free dinner followed immediately with a whole person health program that included the day’s miracle stories, music, and more.

The result proved very successful in Beckley. Each night, patients and volunteers sat at round tables, eating and mingling. It was beautiful! Then the guests stayed for the evening meeting. About 50 to 75 guests came each night during the three-day free clinic, and many attended the Sabbath School and church meetings on the day after the event ended.

“You people are my family now,” Tiffany, a mother with two small daughters, told me, her eyes shining with joy. “First you ministered to my health needs. Then you fed me and provided for my spiritual needs.”

Tiffany and her family have visited the health information center at the local Adventist church and plan to attend spiritual health courses led by Ron Halvorsen Jr., president of the Ohio Conference, in a few weeks.

Other patients have similar stories.

These precious souls are learning about whole person care because of prayer. And it wasn’t only my prayers. A group of us prayed throughout the week surrounding the Beckley free clinic. We continuously sought God’s counsel on how to accomplish what we were seeking to do. God answered our prayers more than we ever imagined. Our evening meetings were even mentioned on television and in local newspapers, providing free advertising that we never could have afforded to buy. Many people in Beckley now have a positive view of Seventh-day Adventists and, most importantly, of God.

This is the miracle of prayer.

Dr. Lela Lewis is an obstetrician-gynecologist and the president of Your Best Pathway to Health, which in partnership with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, ASI, and many supporters has provided more than $83 million in free services to more than 22,000 patients in six U.S. cities since 2014.

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  • Wojtek Janiuk


  • Ngozi

    Prayer is the key, there is absolutely nothing God cannot do for us through prayers. Let’s learn to commit all our plans and aspirations to God through prayer and He will answer them all, my life is a proof that God exist and He is a prayer answering God. Glory be to his Holy name, Amen.

    • Patience Boateng


    • Gloria Mosha-Onchiri


    • fadzai matowe


  • Ros Farrell

    A powerful testimony for making ourselves available for God to use and being willing to act when He says. Thank you Dr. Lela. May God continue to inspire and enlarge your territory.

  • Derek Morris

    What a wonderful testimony! Let’s continue to pray for Dr. Lela Lewis, the entire Your Best Pathway to Health team, and all those whose lives have been touched.

    I have a special prayer request today. This past week, a precious 10-year-old boy named Derek Page lost a 5-year battle with cancer. I have been asked to conduct his funeral at the Azure Hills SDA Church on Sabbath afternoon, September 10. Please pray for Derek’s family, and those whose lives were touched by his courage and faith.
    Someday soon, God will make all things new. Until that day, may we all continue to find our comfort, peace, and hope in Him.

    • Catecha Francis
    • PNB

      Thanks for this opportunity to partner in prayer. May God comfort Derek’s family and all those who know him and use you to provide the right message to provide hope and genuine encouragement during this difficult time. We look forward to Jesus, the Restorer, Resurrector and Redeemer. – Peter Nigel

    • Gloria Mosha-Onchiri


    • Susan Absalon

      Prayers for your on the service and for Derek’s Family. May they find comfort in the Lords arms. One day soon he will be back in his parents arms on that great day of the Resurrection.

    • Akudo

      Oh my God. Blessings dear Pastor Derek. May God use this funeral as another wonderful way of reaching out to hungry souls waiting to be fed spiritual. He definitely will comfort Derek’s family the best way ever. Amen

      • McDonald D M Modukanele

        What happened to Pastor Derek’s family?

        • Akudo

          Nothing my dear rather he will be conducting a funeral of a 10 year old boy called Derek and asked for prayers to that effect. Blessings beloved!

    • Y

      God knows best and may you have a safe trip as you minister to those left behind. Our prayers are with the family and friends

  • Catecha Francis

    We will be praying for you and the family of the deceased. I look forward to the day when they’ll be no more death, no more parting from love ones. Oh! What a glorious day that will be. May the Lord find us all faithful.

  • Catecha Francis

    Praise God for these dedicated volunteers who give of their valuable time to help the less fortunate. Your reward awaits you. My heart is filled with joy when I read such stories. I continue to ask the Lord to show me how I could reach out to friends and neighbours, to tell them of Gods saving grace. Please pray for me that I would allow the Lord to use me in his service.

  • WillieMae

    I have payed for you and little Derek’s family, rat they and others will find peace, comfort and full salvation; and that Jesus will speak through yulonda. Let’s be faithful and I praise God for doctors Lewis examples of faithfulness!

  • Desiree

    GODs word are forever sure,as I read this testimony,a text came to my mind,if my people should humble themselves and play…….., yes much prayer ,much power,praise GOD for answered prayers in JESUS name. All Praise and Glory to HIS name.

    • Gloria Mosha-Onchiri

      Amen Desiree.

  • Gloria Mosha-Onchiri

    Amen there is power in prayer!

  • shannon robinson-pitkin

    Amen, God be praised for this testimony. My heart has been warmed and the question lingers, what is too hard for God to do? This story reminds of how God unites in our efforts and prayers. Lord help us to heed your words to pray without ceasing and to trust You wholeheartedly in all things.

  • Jerry Page

    Praise the Lord Lelah for His guiding you to include attendees in prayer. This often has that kind of effect. Janet and I were leading evangelistic meetings in Jamaica and leaders there suggested we have group prayer experiences for 15 min or so in first part of evening programs. The guests loved it and attendance increased and a number were baptized and the closeness of praying with and for each other seemed to be an important part!!
    Praying for the family of little Derek Page too, Derek Morris. I don’t think he is related to us, but in heaven we may find out he was as our Page family gathers to praise God together!! Jerry Page

  • Telisha

    Amen. Prayer is the key that unlocks heaven’s storehouse and allows the blessings to flow.

  • Ken

    More of this; a wonderful and encouraging article. Thank you for sharing.

  • Akudo

    Praise God. Health is indeed wealth and a perfect way of reaching out to thousands of souls out there seeking refuge. May God bless this team more in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  • Mikkel

    Praise God!