How Prayer Brought the Sparks back to a Struggling Marriage – By Raluca Ril

lightstock_146108_small_bhp (1)“I need someone to pray for me and advise me on how to fast and pray,” a woman named Laura wrote.

Her e-mail continued: “My marriage has serious problems that are leaving me emotionally broken. Because of that, I am struggling spiritually. I can’t pray, I can’t read the Bible no matter how much I want to. I don’t know who I am anymore, and my life is falling apart.”

I didn’t know Laura, but I e-mailed her back, promising that I would pray. I also sent her some information on fasting and prayer.

A month later, she e-mailed again. I had no idea what to expect as I opened the message. Would she be asking for more prayer?

The following are excerpts from Laura’s e-mail, which she has given permission to publish:

Dear Raluca,

For six years my husband and I have been struggling with many issues in our marriage. We tried getting counseling from our pastor. It didn’t work. We went for marital counseling. It didn’t work. Marriage seminars didn’t work. Nothing was working.

From outside our marriage looked perfect. People would tell us how wonderful we are. But inside we both knew that we were not connected. Our love had faded away. Knowing that I was not loved by my husband made me feel empty, sad, very confused and very lost, to the point were I could not pray, and I had become very depressed.

To give you some background, my husband is more spiritual than me. He has been my spiritual mentor since we met. Many things I know about God are from him. When I told him about your blog regarding 21 days of prayer and fasting, he was very skeptical. He gave me all the reasons why I should not do it. But I was not convinced. I knew for sure I needed to do it right away, even if it meant I would do it alone. However, the morning I started the 21 days of prayer and fasting, my husband told me, “I am doing it with you!” This was the first miracle.

And so we began. During the 21 days of prayer my greatest request was, “Lord change my life, I want to fall in love with Jesus again.” I knew very well if I don’t have the love of Jesus in my heart, the love of my husband that I was looking for could never fill my heart.

Dear Raluca, God is so good and so merciful. His love endures forever. I can testify to it. God has healed my marriage and brought peace and happiness into our marriage again. My husband is crazy in love with me more than you can imagine.

But the greatest miracle God did is the work He did in my spiritual life. I fell in love with the Word of God again, and I love being in His presence.

If I wrote everything that has happened, it would take forever. Just know that I am not the same woman who wrote you that first message a little over a month ago! Jesus came to my heart and this time He has come to stay.

Much love, Laura

Editor’s note: This story was featured in the Adventist Review last year during 100 Days of Prayer, but we thought we’d share it again to inspire and help rekindle faith in the hearts of those struggling in their marriages. Laura’s name is a pseudonym to protect privacy, however today she and her husband are active in the prayer ministry of their local church.

Note: To view this week’s world church prayer requests, click here!

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464836779Practical Application: 

It’s easy for the love to fade in marriage, especially when we get consumed with the busyness of life and when we aren’t being intentional to stay connected. If you fall into this category, where you are just going through the motions, but you long for more in your marital relationship, we encourage you to consider doing a period of prayer and fasting together. Maybe for a week or ten days, or maybe even for 21 days.

Choose together what you will fast from: Maybe a dessert you both indulge in much too often, or maybe some type of media or entertainment that often consumes your time. Or maybe you will choose together to eat more simply during a specific period of time.

Next commit to praying together both morning and evening. Share your burdens and pray for them together claiming the promises of God’s Word. Pray that God would give you a fresh picture of who He is as well as a deeper love for your spouse. Pray that He will give you ideas on how you can draw closer to one another!

And last but not least, instead of nagging or complaining, start looking for the things you like about your spouse. Make it a goal to compliment your spouse at least once a day, if not more, on things that you genuinely love or appreciate about them. The more you practice doing this, the easier it will get. Affirmation builds respect and love. Practice it freely! And hold your tongue on the complaints.

Be intentional! God will work! He will answer your prayers!

Dear Heavenly Father, It’s easy to get so busy with life, even with ministry, that we stop praying with and for one another as we should. This week we want to pray for our marriages—whether our own, or those that we know. Teach us how to be intentional in our love, in our appreciation, and in lifting up each other’s burdens in prayer. We know you can revive our hearts again! Thanks for hearing this prayer! In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen!

Promises to Claim: Ps. 85:6

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  • Wojtek Janiuk


  • PNB

    Very inspiring and encouraging. No situation is hopeless when we invite God into it! Praise JAH!! – Peter Nigel

  • Catecha Francis

    Thanks for this article and please pray for me. There is an issue I am struggling with and I need God’s direction.

  • Sylvia Callender

    An awesome testimony

  • D.V.B.

    Amen. There is no problem too big that God cannot solve it!

  • tsholofelo

    Yet another testimony to show us that nothing is impossible with God. Thank you Raluca for sharing this testimony yet again. I pray that we learn to pray more than we argue and complain.

  • Sadrak

    Thank you for this article. Can you please let me know how to get the 21 days of prayer documentation? I also need to rekindle our prayer relationship and the good habits of old. I feel that we were much closer to God when we had less busy-ness… Please pray for my family as well.
    Thank you.

    • Elaine James

      Good morning Sadrak, it’s good to see your blog.

      Sister Marjorie

      • Sadrak

        Hi Sister Marjorie,
        Good to read from you too. Hope you are doing great by God’s grace.

    • Raluca Ril

      Hi Sadrak, if you send us an email with your email address at the following email address, I will get in touch with you and send you some material about fasting and praying:

  • Akudo

    Praise God for Laura and hubby’s story. Kindly send me your mail address Raluca at please. I’m willing to make a request for my family now. As l read this testimony, l have a burden to share mine for lifting and for God to remember & consider showing me His love again. Blessings beloved sister.

  • aaw2aah

    This story is very timely for I am experiencing a similar situation. I’ve been aware of it for some time and am praying that God will give me direction on how to proceed and change me and my spouse. I want to follow his leading for when I’ve tried to deal with it in the past, no permanent change has occurred. I know God wants better for us and look forward to giving a praise report.

    • Raluca Ril

      Praying that God will work in your life and your partner’s life!

  • Cynthia Duncan Mercer

    Super inspiring story! Reminds me so much of our testimony…fasting changed my life. Thank you for sharing!

  • Justina

    Amen Our Great Big God has done it again. It is so encouraging to read about success in marriages. I plan to utilize this method/strategy during this week. Thank you for sharing. God bless

    • Raluca Ril

      Amen! Praying that you can draw closer to God through prayer and fasting, Justina!

  • Letty Kaltonga

    Amen and Amen…Gods timing is very perfect in ALL..

  • Mavhoro Tawona

    Amen and Amen couples who eat, play, pray and do things together, their marriages are strong and they stay. When couples sleep together but are not in good relationship In between them is the devil. Invite Jesus in your marriages

  • Maurice Mwansa

    Amen ,thanks for sharing a powerful testimony …..May God teach us on how we can share our prayer lives with someone so that it can be a life changing…..

  • Viveen McLeary

    We do serve an awesome God. He is interested in all aspects of our lives. Nothing is impossible with Him.

  • Derek Morris

    Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony. When the love of Jesus fills our hearts, His love flows through us to bless everyone around us, including our spouses. Simply being “right” without being filled with love is dangerous and potentially divisive.
    So here is a prayer for all of us:
    Lord, please pour Your love into my heart today by the ministry of Your Holy Spirit. (Romans 5:5)

    • Margaret Major

      I claim the above promise today, also Lord. Pour your love into my heart by the Holy Spirit that I might rather be loving than ‘right’.

  • shannon robinson-pitkin

    Oh Lord thank you for this story, please work a supernatural miracle in my family too and others that so troubled

  • sabrinamorris

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