How 6-Year-Old Anna’s Gift Helped Me Get Two Cars! – By Dee Casper

A precious little girl named Anna gave me a most thoughtful gift.

One day she asked why I didn’t own a car, and I told her that I didn’t have enough money. She thought for a moment. Then she went to her room and returned with paper, a cup full of markers, and some other mysterious items.

She drew a picture, folded the paper, and handed it to me saying, “I want to give this to you.”

I went home and opened it up. Inside was 26 cents. My heart melted. She believed the money would be enough to buy a car.

I was so touched with her gesture that I posted the story on Facebook. Another friend read the story on Facebook and immediately felt impressed to give me her old red 2003 Chevy Cavalier for free, with no strings attached. The car worked wonderfully for me for the two years that I drove it.

However, last summer God convicted me to give the red Cavalier to someone who was in greater need than me. I wrestled initially, since I would be without a car once again, but I believed that God would provide for me.

After I gave away the Cavalier, I considered buying a car, but was still not able to afford it. Once again, I asked Anna to pray. A few months later, the red Cavalier was returned as my friend-in-need had their own transportation miracle occur. However, I couldn’t keep the car as I had yet another friend who was in desperate need of more reliable transportation. So once again, I gave the car away, even though my own needs were still not supplied. Both Anna and I continued to pray.

Finally this summer, God opened the door for me to get an incredible vehicle, at a great price, and the dealership let me pay with the 26 cents that I received from my little friend Anna. Other friends provided $2,000 for a down payment, and still others offered to pay over half of my car payment every month until the car is paid off. I’m still in awe at God’s goodness!

My friend Anna and I have both learned that you can’t out-give God, and that childlike faith moves the hand of God. Anna is almost 10 now, but she cried when I sent her the picture of the key fob with her money on top of the check for the car. I had the privilege of bringing the car over to her house recently to show what God has done (see photos). God is far better than any of us could imagine. He provides for His workers.

Dee Casper is the evangelism director for UnScene Media Group in Illinois.

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