Healing Prayer – by Derek Morris

DSC_3417Janet had come to prayer services many times before. But this time would be different—life-changing. Janet didn’t realize it, but this was the night she would be healed.

“I was really in the depths of despair,” she recounted later. “I felt that I had used up all of my resources.” For 18 years she had been hounded and harassed by Satan. Now she was desperate.

Janet made her way, battered and bruised, into the Chapel and found a seat in the back pew. As the group knelt together for prayer, they invited her to come forward and join the circle. During the season of prayer several students gave spontaneous testimonies of praise for healing that they had received from God at an anointing service two weeks before. Janet told us later that as she listened to those testimonies of healing, she saw a glimmer of hope.

After the last person had left the Chapel, I turned out the lights, and made my way to the outside door. As I turned the corner in the hallway, there was Janet. She startled me! She looked very intense. Deliberate. “I can’t live with this anger anymore,” she exclaimed, “but I saw a glimmer of hope tonight.”

There was only one appropriate response at a moment like this. Sensing that we were on holy ground, we fell to our knees in prayer. As we prayed, we became very aware of the presence of the Lord. Something inside of Janet broke loose.

“Everything was gone in an instant,” she testified later. She began to laugh and cry at the same time as a waterfall of emotion cascaded over her soul. Then she stood to her feet she exclaimed, “I can breathe, and I can smile!” The darkness was banished. The oppression was gone. Janet’s eyes were bright and her countenance was transformed. Her heart was filled with rejoicing as she began to praise and glorify God. There was no place for doubt. Janet had just experienced the healing power of God.

Derek Morris, is editor of Ministry Magazine, and host of the popular Hope Sabbath School program.

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Practical Application: 

If you or a loved one are in need of healing (physically, spiritually, or otherwise) than you’ve come to the right place. Our God is mighty and able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that we ask or think. While we don’t always know God’s timing and how He will choose to heal his children physically (whether instantly, gradually, or at the second coming), we do know that it is His will that they be healed, and we should pray in faith for He promises to work all things together for our good and for His glory (Rom. 8:28).

Ellen White once encouraged the people to pray this prayer for healing, “I would come before the Lord with this petition: ‘Lord, we cannot read the heart of this sick one, but thou knowest whether it is for the good of his soul and for the glory of thy name to raise him to health. In thy great goodness, compassionate this case, and let healthy action take place in the system. The work must be entirely thine own”(Healthful Living, p. 239)

She went on to say that if more prayers were offered for healing, “The mighty power of the Healer would be seen. Many more would be strengthened and blessed, and many more acute sicknesses would be healed” (3rd Selected Messages, p. 295).

Let’s ask God to search our hearts that we may be healed: first spiritually, and secondarily, if it would be for His glory and honor, physically.

Dear Heavenly Father, we cry out to you for healing today. We are spiritually diseased because of sin. We need You to deliver us and set us free and make us new creatures in You. However, many of us, or those we love, are also suffering under physical diseases of all kinds. We know that You can heal today, just like You did in the Bible times. Show us how to pray, how to put away all sin, all hindrances so that You can be free to work in our lives. We cling to You and to the promises of Your Word. If You choose not to heal instantly, or if You allow those that we love to go to their rest, help us still to trust You, knowing that You are in. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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