God’s Double Alarm – By Esther Doss

I experienced a special miracle during the annual ASI Convention last week in the U.S. state of Arizona.

A prayer session was held at 6:15 a.m. before the daily morning devotional during the four-day event organized by ASI, or Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries, in Phoenix. Most of my friends know that I am more of a night owl than a morning person, especially at an event like ASI, when we are up late visiting at night in the exhibition hall. However, I felt impressed that I needed to make it to the morning prayer sessions.

Unfortunately, I missed the first morning. But as I went to bed that night, even though it was already a bit after midnight, I asked God to help me to get up in a few hours if He wanted me to attend the morning prayer time the next day. As I prayed, I set my alarm for 5:45 a.m.

The alarm rang, and I turned it off. Exhausted, I lay in bed for a moment or two, thinking about how nice a few extra minutes of sleep would be. Then I asked God if I should get more rest or get up. I asked for a sign. Then I chided myself because what kind of sign could He possibly give?

I became drowsy and was starting to drift off to sleep when suddenly the alarm went off again. What? I picked up my phone to turn it off, and the display showed 5:45 a.m. Huh? That was strange. Why did it go off the first time?

I checked the phone, and only one alarm was set for 5:45. Was I dreaming? Was the first alarm actually my roommate’s?

Later I learned that my roommate had also heard my alarm go off twice.

Realizing that this must be the sign I had prayed for, I got in the shower and dashed off to the convention center. My hair was completely undone and still wet, but I was determined to be part of the prayer time.

At the prayer time, I found out why God had given me the extra nudge to attend. I was so incredibly blessed as I listened to expressions of praise and repentance of sin. We also prayed for one another and asked God to help us to surrender to His will. I needed that prayer time so much.

I praise the Lord that He showed me once again how much He wants me to spend time talking with Him. What amazes me is He knew I would ask for a sign and prompted the early alarm, even before I asked for confirmation that He truly wanted me to get up.

The Bible says, “I love them that love Me; and those that seek Me early shall find me” (Prov. 8:17). Let’s ask the Lord to help us wake up and spend time with Him each morning.

Esther Doss, a native of the U.S. state of Arkansas, works with Three Angel’s Deaf Ministries.

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  • Wojtek Janiuk


  • khethiwe

    Amen the best time with God is before we go about the day.

  • Ros Farrell

    Amen Esther. Its in the quietness of the early morning when our hearts are still, that God’s voice comes through clearly to me. Blessed be His holy name

  • Catecha Francis

    Thanks for this testimony. I do agree, the best time to commune with God is in the stillness of the morning hours.

  • Viveen McLeary

    Thanks for sharing your story. What an awesome Hod we serve.

  • Vlasta Hitzgerová

    Thank you sister Esther for your testimony. That reminds me a pastor who once told us that manna was falling on the camp of Israelites early in the morning, at about 3am – 4am. Then a sister told that she was particularly blessed when studing her Bible very early in the morning.

  • Desiree

    Amen. GOD is always an on time GOD,thank YOU FATHER for YOUR loving kindness to each of us,praise YOUR Holy Name.

    • cecily

      He is also “in” time.

  • Phillippa

    Good morning. This text came to mind as I read the article. Jeremiah 29:12/13 “Then you will call Me,and go and pray to Me and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Powerful and encouraging testimony of answered prayer.

  • PNB

    Thanks for sharing. God can use anything to get our attention, by every and any means. PRAISE JEHOVAH-JIREH !! Blessings! – Peter Nigel

    • Victoria


  • Annette Alleyne

    Thanks for sharing how awesome our God is answering our deepest need. I, too, need to revisit the Sunday morning pray sessions at Church and will need that extra nudge and inspiration to restart. Please pray that God will grant me it again. I was tremendously bless when I participated previously but since I have returned home from living abroad have not attended. I am committed to to United in Prayer but find I need the presence of people in addition to the virtual pray network. May God continue to bless all of us who sense our deep need for prayer with the faithful few wherever they are gathered to call upon Him.

    • Victoria


  • nontando

    Thank you this also answers my prayer. I felt scared to wake up but l am strengthened that God is with us. Let us trust in Him

    • Serah

      Back in 2004 when I decided I wanted to spend time with God in prayer in the early hours of the morning, I doubted I would ever wake up as early as 4 a.m. because I am an afternoon person but God proved that He is the Creator and that He has the power to change our body’s clock to fulfil our desire to have special time with Him! Since then I have had no problems waking up in the mornings to spend time with Him. God can do it for you, too. ‘Oh taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusted in Him.’ Psalm 34: 8

  • emeka abaribe

    Praise God, Who understands how frail we are and gets down to our lower levels to meet us, amen.

  • Onaolapo Ajibade

    Thanks for your testimony. God’s love for us is comprehensive.

  • Letty Kaltonga

    Yes LORD, we need that daily appointment with You for that quality time. Please help us, thanks for waking us up very early but we need to be prompt with You LORD. Looking forward to our time together commencing tomorrow. Love you LORD in Jesus name we pray. Amen

  • Mutungi Joel


  • christopher

    Thanks for sharing this, I keep having faith in God, the God of impossibilities…