God’s Call, His Provision – by Joni Wainwright

The theme for our camp meeting in Bermuda this summer was “On Higher Ground.” On Sabbath I began praying: “Lord, please take me to higher ground. I want a deeper experience with You and in service.”

When I arrived home after 10 p.m., I turned the television on to 3ABN. There I saw a woman calling for volunteers to go to the U.S. state of West Virginia to assist with a mega-clinic called Your Best Pathway to Health.

Impressed with the initiative, I completed the volunteer application online and submitted it. Within two hours I received a response of acceptance. Immediately I booked one of the recommended hotels in Beckley, the town where the free clinic would be held.

I wavered between feelings of excitement, inadequacy, and doubt. Had I just been presumptuous to immediately sign up for such an event being held in the United States? How would I ever afford the flight and other expenses?

A couple days later, the money was miraculously placed in my hand for the ticket and other expenses. I felt that God was telling me to keep moving forward by faith.

I landed in Charleston, West Virginia at night last July. Not wanting to travel to Beckley alone late at night, I booked a room in a nearby hotel with the little money that I had for extra expenses.

While waiting for the shuttle to the hotel, a couple came up, and we began talking. I shared about my mission trip and where I was going. They tried to help me find transportation to Beckley, but we had no success. Everything cost too much. Finally as we were both checking into our hotel a bit later, the wife came up to me. “We have decided that we will take you tomorrow to Beckley,” she said. “Just give us the address.”

The next morning, this sweet couple rented a car and drove me straight to my hotel in Beckley. We had wonderful conversation the entire way and exchanged hugs before they drove on. It was a divine appointment.

My Beckley experience was life changing. Truly when I prayed this summer that God would take me to higher ground, He began doing that. My life will never be the same.

Joni Wainwright writes from Bermuda.

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