God’s Call, His Provision – by Joni Wainwright

The theme for our camp meeting in Bermuda this summer was “On Higher Ground.” On Sabbath I began praying: “Lord, please take me to higher ground. I want a deeper experience with You and in service.”

When I arrived home after 10 p.m., I turned the television on to 3ABN. There I saw a woman calling for volunteers to go to the U.S. state of West Virginia to assist with a mega-clinic called Your Best Pathway to Health.

Impressed with the initiative, I completed the volunteer application online and submitted it. Within two hours I received a response of acceptance. Immediately I booked one of the recommended hotels in Beckley, the town where the free clinic would be held.

I wavered between feelings of excitement, inadequacy, and doubt. Had I just been presumptuous to immediately sign up for such an event being held in the United States? How would I ever afford the flight and other expenses?

A couple days later, the money was miraculously placed in my hand for the ticket and other expenses. I felt that God was telling me to keep moving forward by faith.

I landed in Charleston, West Virginia at night last July. Not wanting to travel to Beckley alone late at night, I booked a room in a nearby hotel with the little money that I had for extra expenses.

While waiting for the shuttle to the hotel, a couple came up, and we began talking. I shared about my mission trip and where I was going. They tried to help me find transportation to Beckley, but we had no success. Everything cost too much. Finally as we were both checking into our hotel a bit later, the wife came up to me. “We have decided that we will take you tomorrow to Beckley,” she said. “Just give us the address.”

The next morning, this sweet couple rented a car and drove me straight to my hotel in Beckley. We had wonderful conversation the entire way and exchanged hugs before they drove on. It was a divine appointment.

My Beckley experience was life changing. Truly when I prayed this summer that God would take me to higher ground, He began doing that. My life will never be the same.

Joni Wainwright writes from Bermuda.

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  • Gloria Mosha-Onchiri

    Amen. May the Lord continue to take you to higher ground.

  • Derek Morris

    What a testimony when brothers and sisters in the church work together to accomplish our God-given mission.
    This, in itself, is a powerful witness to the world.

    Please pray for our Hope Sabbath School team today. We will be filming 4 hours of programming on the Holy Spirit! It is a wonderful series to be aired 1st quarter 2017.

    • Cynthia Duncan Mercer

      Praying for you and the Hope SS team! I am in great anticipation for the series on the Holy Spirit!

      • Derek Morris

        Thank you so much for your prayers. This will be a life-changing series.

    • Desiree

      Dear Heavenly FATHER,we thank YOU for allowing Hope Sabbath School to be aired,YOU know the hearts that are being touched on a daily basis,please be with the team as they meet once more to produce more studies,YOU promised in YOUR word that YOUR word would not return unto YOU void and we believe so we thank YOU for YOUR blessings on this forum and for the many many souls that would be saved because of Hope Sabbath School study. We praise and bless YOUR Name. Amen.

      • Derek Morris

        Thank you so much for your prayers. When we pray in the name of Jesus, miracles happen.

      • Rosalia

        In Jesus name Amen

    • PNB

      Bro. Derek Morris, I am praying with you for the programming session on the Holy Spirit. It is of vital importance . May God’s will be done.
      – Peter Nigel

    • Jeanette

      Remembering Hope Sabbath School in prayer. I watch it every week. Love it!!

    • Gina Geertsma

      Father in heaven thank you for this wonderful program from Hope Sabbath School. May you continue to bless Pastor Morris and his team. Amen.

  • In light of the recent kidnapping of the young woman Ria Sookdeo.


    Human Trafficking is the main cause persons are being kidnapped or gone missing in our country,According to sources every week on a Thursday Night a shipment leaves our country at different points like Icacos/Cedros/Erin…men and children are used for forced labour and Women as prostitutes,a woman can be sold up to 50 times per day😢Please be cautious of the information you put on Social Media,Avoid pictures of Nudity,homes,vehicles and anything that will attract these criminals,you never know whose watching👀,Be fully aware of your surroundings and always be Alert,This is Serious and only God can stop crime,only Prayer can protect us,But lets help each other by sharing this message around to our friends and family?And let us take a few minutes to Pray🙏 for those that were Taken,May they be returned to their families,there is Power in Prayer🙏…THIS IS REAL….I Love you 😘and I care about you please SHARE 👉

    • PNB

      Sis. Alicia Lawrence, I am joining you in prayer for God’s providential mercies and intervention.
      – Peter Nigel

    • Eunice Downer

      Thanks sis for this warning message. This is happening all over the world. Only God can help stem this! I will pray. This is serious.

      • Thanks Eunice. Let’s continue to claim God’s promise that none of these will come near us

    • Margaret Major

      Thank you so much for alerting us to another of these dreadful crimes and our need to do something about it Alicia. It is a very real modern slavery problem. Have you heard of Exodus Cry, it is an organization very involved in trying to stop this type of human trafficking visit https://www.youtube.com/user/ExodusCryKC and or http://exoduscry.com/ not only that, it is involved in Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration, praise God. They produced a film called Nefarious (it is very confronting but gives the real story). It is not an Adventist organization but they are doing a good work. Anyone interested in helping can also visit https://raphahouse.org/human-trafficking/resources to learn more about how to recognize and help prevent these atrocious crimes. Much prayer is needed as this article in “Human Trafficking Today” by JOY MARIE BUTLER in the Adventist Review says http://www.adventistreview.org/1608-31#.V6gK3G6_86s.facebook and Exodus Cry asks for our prayers too.

  • Elaine James

    Good morning family of the most High God, I feel somewhat selfish. Please pray with me for the health and life of my brother, George. He is undergoing emergency Gastrointestinal surgery right now. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Desiree

      Praying for your brother,it’s a family crisis,by GODs GRACE we trust and pray that HE will take care of the situation.

    • PNB

      Sis. Elaine James, Praying for your brother, George and the doctors and for you and the rest of the family in Jesus name.
      – Peter Nigel

    • Jeanette

      Praying for George. God is in control.

    • jamie

      Dear heavenly father
      Together we lift George up to you in prayer. We know you alone provide healing and help. Give the physicians wisdom to meet George’s needs. Be there in the surgery and recovery room with the team as they care for him. Use their hands and their wisdom to heal him. Give Elaine strength and encouragement. Let her know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are there for her AND for George.
      Gently we place Elaine and George in your arms. We know they are both safe in the arms of Jesus.
      We know you hear our prayer.
      Thank you.

  • Desiree

    I praise GOD for HIS special love for each of us ,for answered prayers in JESUS name,and also for HIS leadings in our lives. Thank you for sharing your experience,it shows that GOD is interested in each of us and when we pray and ask in faith HE blesses. Praise HIS Holy name.

  • PNB

    God bless you, Joni Wainwright and others who courageously answer the call to go and do.
    Your testimony inspires the reader to seek higher ground in Jesus Christ.
    – Peter Nigel

  • Patricia Renderos

    Awesome. Praise our wonderful and great God

  • Tabitha Ezra


  • tsholofelo

    Join the discussion

    Thanks be to God for those who hear His call and immediately answer like you Joni. May the Lord continue to use you and give you strengthen to be ever ready to answer His call. Praise be to Him for people like your friend and the couple who ensured that you reach your destination of service. I pray that the Holy Spirit inspire all of us God’s children to be ever ready to run His errands.

  • Ginger Petersen

    Hi Joni! Thank you for sharing your story! So glad you got to go to Beckley and I got to meet you and work with you.

  • Elaine James

    I want to thank you, everyone who prayed for my family, and in particular, my brother. He had a successful, and seemingly uneventful procedure. I was told that he would spend a week in hospital.
    Thank you again each one. Many the blessing of our Father rest and remain with you, and your families.
    Elaine Marjorie James

  • Natasha

    Dear Joni, welcome to the world of mission! You have entered a realm that would propel you into marvelous experiences until Jesus come, in which God will most certainly get the glory! Thank you for a beautiful testimony, may God continue to bless and keep you!

  • Viveen McLeary

    Thanks for sharing your story. It has helped me as I am planning to go on this mission trip to Costa Rica in November.

  • Mutungi Joel

    Wonderful re-assurance. Thanks a lot. I pray not to have any doubt to step out after i commit myself to God.

  • shumayela

    May the Lord continue to take us to higher ground and give us strong willpower..not to be weak and powerless.

  • Wojtek Janiuk