God still Cares and Hears, even in our Brokenness! – By Joy Alexander

Shelley was raised Adventist, enjoyed church, sang in the choir, and did all the right things in church growing up.

However, in her 30s she decided to move in with her boyfriend. Despite making this decision, there was one area in her life that she would not compromise on: keeping the Sabbath. Shelly and her boyfriend held different convictions. Shelly would never work on Sabbath, so great financial strain and tension emerged in their relationship.

Finally, after living with her boyfriend for 10 years, Shelly was convicted through much prayer to go back to living single. She knew this decision would bring even greater financial hardship, but she was determined to move forward.

However, just at this turning point in her life, Shelley discovered that she was pregnant. So instead of moving out, Shelley and her boyfriend decided to get married. A few months later, they had their baby daughter, Emma.

The marriage was not easy. Shelley observed the Sabbath and determined to raise Emma as an Adventist. Some days her husband would not give her any money for food or expenses. On many occasions he would not even come home or participate in helping to raise Emma.

When Emma turned 5, Shelley began to pray earnestly that her daughter Emma would be able to attend the local Adventist school. She wanted Emma to study in a Christian environment where she wouldn’t have to compromise about the Sabbath and where she would learn more about Jesus daily. This was the same small school Shelley had attended through high school. Many parents wanted to place their children in this school, so Shelly knew that only prayer would help Emma get accepted.

While Shelly’s life has been scarred by mistakes, she has learned that God still cares and hears her prayers. The Lord has answered her prayer. Emma will attend the Adventist school this fall. Just as God has taken care of Shelly, Shelly knows He will care for Emma.

Joy Alexander, Office of the President, General Conference

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  • D.V.B.

    Thank you Father God, that Your grace is sufficient; that Your power is perfect in our weakness. May Your light envelope and shine through Shelley so that her husband may be drawn closer to You as well. Bless Emma as she begins her Christian education journey. Choose the right teacher and circle of influence for her so that her faith in You can grow. May Emma increase in wisdom and in stature; in favor with God and man.

    • Evelyn Walcott


    • Eunice Downer


    • Brittany


    • Victoria


  • PNB

    Thank God for answer to prayer! God is so merciful! Blessings. – Peter Nigel

  • florence mahuni

    Thank you Lord that you have kept Shelly strong even during hard times!
    May you speak to her husband, as you speak to mine too! Draw them closer to you! Show them love so that they may begin to understand to understand you!

  • Ken

    Many trials ahead, much prayer needed. Please, Father in Heaven, bless this family.

    • Letty Kaltonga

      Amen, yes we do have many trials in life, we need to pray for each other. In ALL, we have all sorts of situations in life because of our wrong decisions in the beginning of our lives. Please forgive us and help us, thank You for allowing us to go through this situations to shape our spiritual lives. Thank You for assisting us in all our trials, with You everything is possible. We love You in Jesus name we pray. Amen

  • Desiree

    Thank YOU Dear Heavenly FATHER for YOUR love and mercies towards us,thank YOU for this family ,please continue to bless Shelley and to increase her faith in YOU,remember Emma too,please provide the right environment for her,may she learn of YOU and love YOU,touch the husband and father in a special way that he too will love YOU and accept YOU as GOD of his life also. Father I believe YOUR word and I know that YOU have already heard and answered and for this I rejoice and praise YOUR name with thanks giving. Amen.

  • N Bal4 – Sinner saved by Grace

    Thank you Lord for your abundant love for us. Some of us have the experience that Shelley has gone through and you gentle walked that journey with us holding us by your mighty hand. Because of your providence Shelley is already a victor. Give the strength to hold on until we reach home and be with you forever. Amen

  • Viveen McLeary

    Praise God He loves us unconditionally. When we mess up and recognize our sinfulness and go back to Him He treats us as if we had never sinned. What an awesome God we serve. Thanks for sharing the story

  • shannon robinson-pitkin

    Dear Lord, You continue to show that You are the True Father and Husbandman. You are merciful and faithful and will meet us where we are at when we surrender and make You the centre of our lives. Continue to strengthen and make away for Shelley and her family. You have started a work in little Emma’s life and You will continue. Remember her husband, he’s Your son and a candidate for Your eternal kingdom. Do for them more than they can ask or think so that You may be glorified oh Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Victoria

      Thanking You Lord for answered prayer and all You do beyond what we can ask or imagine. Amen

  • Mthokozisi Ngwenya

    Amen Our God reigns.praying for you Sister Shelly.

  • Telisha

    Our GOD is faithful to us! No matter where we are in life He is always reaching out to us, bidding us to try Him and waiting patiently for us to accept His ‘soft knock’.

  • June Pike Rickard

    Lord, please reward this Mother taking first steps back to you. Help her feel your power in giving her wisdom to pray for her new marriage, guide her child and have a job that helps her provide for her family. God cares definitely for you and your child more than you do and cares for your husband also. Satan lives to disturb & destroy families as it gives him satisfaction. God is all power though & he can make things straight that are not. I claim his promises for you today Shelly, for your whole family to be fully united in his time. Keep the faith & remain strong in the Lord.

  • Wojtek Janiuk