God still Parts the Storms! – By Melody Mason

As the Sabbath of Oct. 8 approached, the weather forecast was looking increasingly grim for Silver Spring, Maryland. While we prayed for good weather earnestly, Hurricane Matthew pushed up the U.S. eastern coastline, making it look like there was no way that we were going to miss the deluge of rain headed our way.

a-storm-1-1Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but Oct. 8 was to be an extra special Sabbath. It was special because Seventh-day Adventist world church leaders would be gathered in Silver Spring for the yearly Annual Council business meetings, and a Total Member Involvement outreach was planned for Sabbath afternoon. Dozens of leaders were going to be boarding 13 buses and heading out into the neighborhood to knock on doors and pass out the special missionary book of the year — The Story of Hope — as well as GLOW tracks. They would also be offering prayers and Bible studies for those interested.

This was no small undertaking. Extensive work had gone into organizing the outreach, and more than 70 young people had traveled to the church headquarters to assist the leaders with this special activity. While everyone hoped for good weather, umbrellas were collected just in case.

img_5042-1Sabbath morning we woke up to complete cloud cover. Soon it began to rain. Anxiously I watched the forecast for the afternoon. It was 80 percent to 90 percent rain. However, we kept praying. That’s when I began to notice an interesting split happening in the storm over the Silver Spring area. By the time the buses arrived at the destinations to drop off the delegates and young people, the rain had completely stopped. In fact, no umbrellas were even opened. Just when the work started, God said, “Peace be still,” to the storm.

Later that night we listened with rapt attention and joyful hearts as many young people shared testimonies of what God had done during the afternoon outreach. Some shared how they’d met people who had prayed God would send someone to their door. Others they met shared how they were looking for a church to attend. Adventist Church president Ted N.C. Wilson’s first contact asked for follow-up Bible studies. Some people wept in gratitude. One woman even came to the bus to get more books to share with friends.

Not only did God open many hearts this day, in answer to prayer, but He showed us that when we go forward in faith — even when things don’t look promising, He is still able to part the storms! The leaders went forward by faith to do outreach, and God parted the storms. And all we can say is, praise the Lord!

Melody Mason, coordinates United in Prayer for the Adventist world church.

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