God is Rarely Early, but Not a Second Late! – By Melody Mason

Many of us struggle to wait on God’s timing. We struggle not to run ahead of God and not to take over the controls when God doesn’t seem to be working fast enough for our liking.

Recently I was really struggling in this area and praying that God would help me trust His timing. That very day He gently reminded me that when He works, He may not be early, but neither is He a second late. He is always right on time.

I was on a one-day driving marathon from Silver Spring Maryland, back to my parents’ place in northwest Arkansas to attend my brother’s wedding. I was covering more than 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers) in one day. It was a long drive to make alone, and I stopped twice in the morning to take a 20-minute nap. Both times, I wanted to nap longer, but I pushed on.

Sometime in the afternoon, between Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee, I stopped briefly at a gas station. A waiting line greeted me when I entered the restroom. Just then a woman stepped out of a stall right in front of me. She looked at me, and I looked at her. Recognition spread across our faces. We knew each other.

“Are you Melody Mason?” she asked incredulously.

I remembered her name as well. We hugged and began to talk excitedly as people pushed around us. It was a reunion of two old friends. Penny and I had been part of a young adult discipleship retreat in Colorado nine years earlier. We had not seen each other since, although we were friends on Facebook.

The amazing thing is that Penny and her family don’t live anywhere near that gas station. They were actually traveling more than 1,000 miles themselves from Texas to eastern Tennessee for a family vacation. So while I had been driving west, she had been driving east on the same highway. We both happened to stop at the same gas station and visit the same restroom at the exact same time. If there had been even a 10-second delay, we would have never known the other was there.

As it happened, Penny wanted my book “Daring to Ask for More” to read on the family vacation but hadn’t been able to order it in time. I had a few extra copies in my car and happily gave one to her. Penny said this was a divine providence. At the same time, I felt blessed because I had been praying that day about trusting God’s timing in my life.

That day, both of us grew in faith. We could not have planned the timing of our meeting more perfectly if we had tried. God is rarely early, but neither is He a second late! He is always right on time!

Melody Mason, is author of Daring to Ask for More: Divine Keys to Answered Prayer, and helps coordinate United in Prayer for the World church in Silver Spring, MD.

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  • khethiwe


    • gugu

      Thank you for sharing. My husband has been struggling to get a work permit in a foreign land and this has been affecting our financial stability but your testimony reminds him that in his time he makes all tings beautiful.

  • Eric M A Hanziba

    To God be all the glory for such a testimony.

  • Vlasta Hitzgerová

    Thank you very much for your testimony sister Melody. God’s timing is always perfect. May He help me/us to trust Him more.

    • Margaret Major

      Me too.

  • Wojtek Janiuk


  • Jeanette

    Wonderful testimony to God’s goodness in hearing our prayers and increasing our faith!

  • Pilira

    Oh for grace to trust His timing, and everything else, more!

  • Esther

    Thank you for sharing your testimony, Melody. God cares about His children and wants them (us) to trust His timing.

  • Derek Morris

    Thanks for your testimony, Melody!
    This is the word of the LORD: “Call to Me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3
    Someone once said, Coincidences happen more regularly when we pray!
    God wants to direct our steps, and brings about what some would call “chance meetings” to accomplish His good plan for our lives.
    I’m praying for such meetings this week as my wife and I travel to Phoenix for ASI. I hope to see some of you there!

    • jenjenialso

      I would like to know more about Gideon’s Band of prayer warriors, and join you in prayer. Praying for you and your wife for safe travels and many “chance meetings” that God has for you.

    • Eunice Downer

      I too would like to know more about the Gideon Band Prayer Warriors and join in prayer. I need to be more involved. I will be. Praying for you and your wife in your travels.

      • Derek Morris

        Thank you, Eunice. Please send your email address to Derek.Morris@hopetv.org. God is calling together a band of faithful and courageous individuals to join Him in a miraculous mission. #GIDEONSBAND

  • Victoria

    Yes indeed…… But not a second late. Thank you for this solemn reminder. We thank God that we can rely on His promises. ” For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth so that He can show Himself strong on behalf of those who are loyal to Him”.2 Chronicles 16:9.

  • Catecha Francis

    Thanks for sharing your testimony Melody. We certainly serve an on time God. You meeting your friend was not a coincident; it was Divinely ordained.
    May the Lord continue to endow you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding as your fulfill your role of Prayer Ministries Leader for the world wide church.

  • Annette Alleyne

    Thank you for Sharing this experience with us this week Melody. It was a timely reminder for me that I need to be patient and trust God for the things I have asked of Him. I must admit that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by His delay. He used this experience of yours to gently chide me for my lack of faith. Isn’t He a wonderful Father? He continues to look out for our well being. He knew how I was going to feel this morning and had your experience prepared in time to help me understand that I needed to trust Him because He is faithful in keeping His promises. Therefore, I continue to have hope and quietly wait on Him.

  • Tsholofelo

    Thanks Melody reviving my faith. May God continue to use you for His service.

  • Justina

    praise the lord for his faithfulness. I needed this testimony today. May God grant me the needed patience to wait on Him always.

  • Natasha

    Dear Sis. Melody, I am always delighted to read anything you have penned through inspiration. This testimony has encouraged me since, I have been waiting for confirmation from God for some situations, where I feel my heart is in my hand. Yes, I am struggling but have received a bit more hope to hang on too today. God bless!

  • Blessing Mutiro

    Indeed God is not early but certainly never late. What a great lesson directed to me. I really needed this and indeed it came just at the right time. I was slipping into anger with God because i thought he was not answering my prayers. Just on time he has talked to me through you Melody and I will keep the faith for I know that he is never late! Just at the right time all things will come together for me and my family. What a mighty God we serve!!


    Amen. I always look forward to these testimonies

  • Ronnie

    Hi Melody-Thank you for sharing this lovey experience.My eyes welled up with tears as I read this story.God is awesome and I promptly shared this with my Church Family here in Johannesburg South Africa.With so much of turmoil in our world today and all eyes are on the American Elections we need to trust the “One who is able to keep up till that day”God bless-Ronnie Naidoo

  • Lucy Beck

    Thank you, Melody, for sharing your experience which affirms my faith in God that He hears and answers our prayer at the right time! I have asked God to help me not to miss opportunities to witness for him. Several years ago I was attending a campmeeting and had to drive home the last Saturday night. Needing to fill the car with gas for the long trip home, I delayed that Friday until about one hour before sunset (the gas station was 10 miles from the campsite) then decided to get it done. While at the station two unkempt long-haired young men in a beat-up camper approached me asking for a soda to quench their thirst. I had no soda but offered some canned juice instead, and had a short get-acquainted conversation with them, then offered them some literature and the books Steps to Christ and The Great Controversy, and had prayer with them, which they gladly accepted. I was amazed at God’s timing–What were the chances of meeting these two young men if I had gone to the station earlier that Friday afternoon? It would have been a missed opportunity. Though our paths have never crossed since then, I believe that God had a purpose for that providential meeting which will be fulfilled in His good time.

  • Sharon Hamilton

    Sharon Hamilton:Amen chee-weez,If this is not Almighty God,then who else could it possibly be? Thanks for sharing 😊 Melody! OurGod always Able to Perform His Mighty Miracles.