Prayer is the Key – by Elder Ted N.C. Wilson

Photo: David B. Sherwin, Review

What a privilege to talk to God directly without any barrier.

I am so glad for prayer — constant prayer. I’m not sure how people cope without prayer and this wonderful discussion with God. Many times during the day I simply talk to God, asking for guidance, wisdom, direction, or protection. What an assurance that we have a Creator and Redeemer who never sleeps and is always ready to hear our praise, thanks, and pleas. What a privilege for the worldwide church to be United in Prayer.

Let us pray for our personal growth in Christ, our families, our churches, and our communities. Let us pray for the great need of Revival and Reformation — for you, your family, your church, and your community.

As we enter a new five-year period of evangelistic outreach, let us remember that prayer is the key to revival and reformation. Let us always give God the glory for any success we may have. God will open to us His storehouse of heavenly power and direction as we submit to Him each day in Bible study, study of the Spirit of Prophecy, and earnest prayer.

Let us prayerfully continue to lift up Christ, His Word, His righteousness, His sanctuary service, His saving power in the great controversy, His three angels’ messages, His health message, His last-day mission to the world, and His soon second coming.

Through the power of prayer, let us plead for the falling of the latter rain of the Holy Spirit to help us focus on the three angels’ messages going to the big cities through the Adventist world church’s Mission to the Cities program. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit as we show the love of Christ through Comprehensive Health Ministry, where we meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in our communities. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit as each of us participates in the new Total Member Involvement initiative, where every church member finds a way to share Jesus with friends and neighbors.

Let prayer be the key that unlocks heaven’s storehouse for the final loud cry announcing the Lord’s soon return. What a privilege to pray together as we look to the Source of goodness and our future eternal happiness.

Ted N. C. Wilson, president, Seventh-day Adventist Church

Note: To view Elder Wilson’s prayer request for the church, please click here and then go to the PRESIDENT’S tab!

Practical Application: 

If you aren’t familiar with the new Revival and Reformation initiatives, please visit: to learn how you can become involved and also how you can more effectively share your faith with others. As Elder Wilson wrote above, one of the new initiatives of the world church for these next five years is to see total member involvement, where we all take part in sharing Jesus. This could be as simple as learning how to show Jesus to your next door neighbor, to passing out glow tracts, or to preaching an evangelistic series. We are told that angels are waiting to assist us if we are willing, all we have to do is ask God to help us!

Dear Heavenly Father, It’s easy to get so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t take the time to witness to others about Your love as we should. Please help us to recognize the beautiful calling that You’ve given us–to share Christ with the world. We may not know where to begin, but You promise to help us if we ask, so today we are asking! Please help us learn how to be Your hands and feet of love to those around us. Help us to know how to share the gospel and tell others of Your soon coming! Thank You for hearing this prayer. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Promises to claim: Matt. 24:14, Isa. 30:21, Ex. 4:12

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  • Louise

    I’m not against 5 years of strong commission to sharing Jesus to others……..but isn’t this what all of us should be doing for the rest of our lives….to show the love of Jesus to others for all our lives?

    • Chrissie

      Yes, it is Louise. But this calling our attention to it means that we are to be deliberate in our efforts to do so. Some of us already are, but many still are not, I am sure by the lack of attendance and even retention of our own membership let alone bringing new ‘sheep’ into the fold. We tend to be gracious and loving to those who are gracious and loving to us and react in kind to those who treat us poorly. It is human nature and is spoken of in the scriptures. But this is a call to be loving and kind, to share Jesus with those who may not or who definitely are not responding in kind to our efforts.

      Total Member Involvement is a call for; those who feel they can’t do anything need to know that yes, you can be of help also, there is something for everyone to help with. And each and every member can be involved in prayer especially. I don’t mean the ‘God bless us and the missionaries and preachers’ kind of prayer. I mean talking to God, submitting EVERYTHING in our hearts and minds to His leading. Then, only then, when we are submitted, will this work be finished. God can’t take rebellious children home to heaven. We have to come to the place where we hate sin in our own lives, would rather die than commit sin – than hurt the Father, Son, Spirit with our sin and when we are willing to be made willing, God will work through and with us, and we can come home. His blood, our submission.

      • Rosalia


    • Amanda Nelson

      Yes! This is surly so, every day and for the rest of our live as Pioneers for Christ we should be bearers of the light to the world. We have the word of God, we need to execute daily all those we come in contact with, with the THREE ANGELS MESSAGE, Fear God….,

  • Alex Ponniah

    Praise the Lord for the wonderful initiative and reminder to pray! Prayer is the admonishment given to us by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Coming from the office of the President of the SDA World Church Headquarters is delightful and encouraging as we continue to fulfill the Gospel Commission preparing ourselves and others for His soon return. There is a more urgent need to fast and pray as we see before our own very eye the fulfillment of the end time prophesies around the world.

  • Sandrine SOOS

    Prayer is the breathe of our souls. When we don’t pray we are dead spiritual. May God gives us His Holy Spirit for us to prayer warriors in Jesus’ Name..

  • Herman

    Yes, as a disciple of Christ we should be sharing the love of God through out lives daily. However, that is not the case and so we are being reminded by the God appointed leaders to fulfill our responsibility as light bearers of the three angels message. I believe the cares of life have disconnected members from the source of wisdom in effectively fulfill our commission.

    Therefore we need revival and realignment to the commission through prayer and feeding on the Word. By being revived we should also reform our approach to prayer and the study of the word which will lead to active engagement in witnessing. I believe much prayer with fasting will have more impact in individual lives that will lead to continual sharing of Jesus’s love in our lives daily.

  • Florea Andrei Cristian


  • Rosalia

    Thank you Pastor Wilson for sharing your thoughts with. May God help us to see a need for prayer in these last days. It is really a privilege to communicate with our God

  • Emeka Abaribe

    Thank you so much Pastor Wilson, my prayer is that our good Lord make us labouring labourers, seeing the harvest is plentiful and ripe. LORD please come Holy Spirit upon us O God, amen

  • Amanda Nelson

    Pastor, indeed we need to be more prayerful in these last days and also sharing the GOD’s word to everyone. At present myself and an brother are apart of the LE’s outreach (part -time) and now we have two other members of the church joining us as we take the street ‘house to house visitation’. As we visit homes there is a young man that said if it was possible for him to contact God personally on the phone he would have done that than lessening to so much of different doctrine, but we are thankful to God the Almighty that he opens the heart of this young man that accept our invitation in Jesus name to study the Bible in which he admit that the we are true in the gospel message. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Please remember us also in your daily prayer as we continue to do the LORD’S work and be faithful until Jesus come.

  • Justina

    Prayer is indeed the key that will unlock heavens door. Please join me inprayer for a staff member who is going through a crisis right now. I pray that God would systain her and urge her to draw closer to Him. We all have a part to play in spreading the love of God to our fellowmen. Let us all do our part so that we can go to live with Jesus forever.

  • Ros Farrell

    Heavenly Father, please open our eyes and hearts to allow You to use us to fulfil Your gospel commission to GO and share with others who You are. So many people are struggling and wounded and don’t know that there is a balm in Gilead, where there is a Physician, and that recovery is possible if they are led to the source. Please help us to be intentional as we share Your love with others, that their desire for You will grow as You wait to gather them close to you. This is my prayer in no other name but Jesus, the friend of sinners. Amen

  • Melissa

    Melissa, Just wondering how president Wilson justifies spending millions on the new printing of the Great Controversy of which they have taken out pieces of it. Isn’t that exactly what Ellen White warned against?

  • Hilda Dewa

    Thank you elder Wilson for reminding us about the importance of prayer in every Christian’s life especially in these final hours of earth’s history.
    As you rightly say. We need prayer not just for ourselves, but for our families, friends and the community as far as the end of the earth. We are under attack by the enemy of souls for he knows that our redemption draweth nigh. A continual dialogue with the source of Life and power is so very crucial to keep us revived.
    Please pray for my son, born in a Christian home and yet now is under bondage, hooked to drug and alcohol…As a mother I’m completely devastated yet I have deep conviction that my Heavenly Father will save him from this dark hole.

    Please pray for him… He is a medical student and wanted to be a medical missionary for Christ if time would last.

    • Cledia Ogden

      Let us pray for each other my sister. I have the same problem as well.

      1 Chronicles 7 v 14-15