Day 5 of GC Session Prayer & Praise Report

Praise Reports for July 5th

  1. Morning worship titled “Faithful End-time Living: Preparation for His Return” by Shian W. O’Connor, president of Cayman Islands in the IAD, was a powerful reminder of the importance of our priorities.
  2. According to O’Connor, the big question that we all should be thinking about at GC Session is: “What do I still lack?” (In other words, examining our heart condition to see if there’s anything between us and God as we prepare for His soon coming!)
  3. The day started with a sweet prayerful spirit.
  4. All GC officers, General VPS’s, Division presidents, and many of the departmental leader elections have been announced.
  5. Serving as new General Vice Presidents for the world church will be: Ella Simmons, Artur Stele, Geoffrey Mbwana, Guillermo Biaggi, Abner De Los Santos, and Tom Lemon. (Pictured above with spouses in photo by James Bokovoy/NAD Communication.)
  6. One observer tweeted, “Much better spirit today among the delegates. Progress being made…” (So we praise God for this!)
  7. The GC Prayer Room during the morning hours continues to burst at the seams. There is almost not enough room for everyone. We praise God for many showers of blessings and answers to prayer in the prayer room!

Prayer Request for July 7th

  1. Pray for God’s will to be carried out in the nominating committee as remaining positions continue to be filled.
  2. Continue to pray for a sweet spirit and for wisdom for delegates as they deal with sensitive issues.
  3. Pray for morning worship speaker Mathilde Frey, former professor of Old Testament exegesis and biblical languages at the seminary at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines. Her devotional talk is titled: “Never Alone: The Promised Comforter Who Precedes His Return.”
  4. Pray for the reports which will be delivered by the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) and the South American Division (SAD).
  5. As we get closer to the big “O” discussion, Pastor Derek Morris tweeted: “Instead of praying for our desired outcome at #GCSA2015, let’s unite in prayer for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Yes indeed!)
  6. Pray that God’s Spirit will continue to be poured out in the prayer room and upon our leaders.
  7. Pray that our lives will be a testimony and witness to the many workers here.

To watch the GC Session on HOPE Channel via LIVESTREAM, click here for the airing schedule

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  • tsholofelo

    I join you in prayer my brothers and sisters and would like to assure each one of us that God will steer His ship to the shore safely. May God continue to lead.

  • Ebrahim Tunga

    “Prayer will change the life today” thank you Jesus for you have continued to answer our prayers. May the Lord continue to lead and may His will be done, in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Bavarian Rage

    “Pray for morning worship speaker Mathilde Frey, …. HIS devotional talk is titled: “Never Alone: The Promised Comforter Who Precedes His Return.”

    Given the hypersensitivity around gender issues this session, in a spirit of good humour may I point out that you may want to change that “his” above to “her”!!! 😉

    From what I caught of her devotional message on Hope Channel while getting ready for work, it was amazing-brought tears to my eyes. Hoping to find it archived somewhere so I can hear it in full.

    What a loss for our church it would be if women were denied the pulpit. God truly touched my heart this morning through her words.