Begging God to Heal Bob – by Jerry Page

178464464Carol was 14 when I was born. She had the “privilege” as my older sister to help raise me.

When I think of what God can do for our loved ones as we pray unitedly, I always think of her. You see, during my rebellious years of drug use, Carol joined my parents and many others in praying earnestly for me. I finally became miserable enough to recognize my desperate need of Jesus. This was an answer to prayer for Carol.

However, Carol’s spiritual life was more a cultural habit than a real living experience.

While she usually attended church, she never got very involved. As time went on, her life filled up with big problems. Her first husband left her for the neighbor woman. She was devastated. Then she married Bob. While Bob was a good husband and helped her raise her two sons, he was not a Christian.

Then her husband, Bob, was diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctors said he had only about six months to live. Once again she began to plead with God, this time to heal her husband.

“God I am begging you to heal Bob! I really need you to save him for the boys and me,” she would earnestly pray.

Bob accepted Jesus on his deathbed. While God healed him spiritually, Bob passed away a few days later. As a result, the “why God” questions turned to bitterness in Carol’s heart. Why hadn’t God allowed Bob to live?

As time went on, Carol quit attending church because of her anger and confusion. This time it was my turn to pray, earnestly pray, for my sister, Carol. Many others joined me.

I felt impressed to claim the promise in 1 John 5:16, which says, “If anyone sees his brother (loved one) sinning a sin which does not lead to death (the unpardonable sin), he will ask, and He (God) will give him life.”

As I prayed, I was thinking God might send Carol a very spiritual new husband.

After some time Marlene, a longtime friend, began to mail Carol an encouraging note from her daily devotional time every day. This went on every day for two years. Carol slowly came back to life in Jesus as she realized that Jesus could meet her personal needs in beautiful ways. Praise, prayer, and the Word of God became a part of her life once again!

Carol had a number of providences happen soon after that, leading her to minister at an Adventists college. She was able to touch the lives of many students before she passed away suddenly a few years ago. She was walking with Jesus until her death and one day will be reunited with Bob, who God has healed for eternity.

Remember, united prayer unleashes God’s power to do amazing things in our loved ones’ lives. Don’t get discouraged praying for those you love. He has promised to open blind eyes and set the captives free. He did it for Bob, He did it for Carol, and He did it for me!

By Jerry Page, Ministerial Association secretary

Note: To view this week’s prayer requests for the world church, please click here!

Practical Application: 

We know that it is God’s will to heal His children, but we don’t always know the timing of the healing. It may be immediate, it may be gradual, or it may not come until the resurrection.

However, there is one thing that God promises to do right now if we ask, and that is to heal us from the leprosy of sin. Considering the following thought from Inspiration:

“The work of Christ in cleansing the leper from his terrible disease is an illustration of His work in cleansing the soul from sin…In some instances of healing, Jesus did not at once grant the blessing sought. But in the case of leprosy, no sooner was the appeal made than it was granted. When we pray for earthly blessings, the answer to our prayer may be delayed, or God may give us something other than we ask, but NOT SO WHEN WE ASK FOR DELIVERANCE FROM SIN. (Emphasis added.) It is His will to cleanse us from sin, to make us His children, and to enable us to live a holy life. And “this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us: and if we know that He hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.” 1 John 5:14, 15.  {From Desire of Ages, p. 266}

Dear Heavenly Father, we all need to be healed, some of us physically, but all of us spiritually. Please heal us from the leprosy of sin. Also, help us not give up praying for our loved ones that need this special healing. We know you have promised to set us free. Thank you for hearing this prayer, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Promises to claim: Ezek. 36:26, 1 John 1:9, Ps. 103:3

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  • Dike Emmanuel

    Father chief of sinner though I be. I need healing infact total healing from the leprosy of sin not just me alone but for ALL my BHP family who long to see you when you return in the clouds to take us home for eternity. But until then keep us faithful.

    • Rosalia


      • zsuzsi woodward


    • Catecha Francis


  • Sharon God’s child

    Thank you this is very encouraging and by the grace of God I will continue praying for those who I used to pray for who left the church for them to return and fall in love with Jesus again. Thank you for a new mind on what Jesus was actually healing when he healed… God be praised indeed.

  • Rosalia

    There is hope in Jesus. There is no hopeless case. We praise Him this morning. May we all find spiritual healing in Him.

  • Jackie

    Thank you Lord for the reminder that you will forgive immediately anytime we come to you seeking forgiveness of our sins, even if we have to wait for an answer to any other prayer request.

  • Ken

    Yes, God is with us through every trouble and disappointment. I have often put conditions on my faith; IF God does this or that then I know he cares, or I know he approves, or…

    What a shame, because His promise to hear our prayer and act in our best interest is the strongest guarantee in the entire universe. I guess we learn that by going through trials, but once we finally learn to trust in that fact there is nothing that will ever disturb our peace. I’m praying so much for that to happen for all of us and look eagerly to the time when that finally happens to me – all of the time.

    Thank you Father – You are the only promise I want and need.

    • Jenita

      Amen. So many times at the end of our prayers we say, let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord, but what do I think about as I go about my own business. Someone cuts me off on the road or someone on the job is annoying me. What are my reactions? Do I remember that I am to reflect Christ in these situations?Lord help to light my candle and and keep it burning everywhere I go. Be blessed one. Please pray for my spiritual life also my niece, Donna, the Lord knows her situation.

  • Natasha

    Precious Savior, You knew I needed to be encouraged to continue praying for my family. Thank You for bro. Pages’ testimony. I need Your strength and endurance. I know change will come,. Please cement my will in thine, it shall no longer be mine. I desire to please You Abba. Help us to be a people of prayer and keep us steadfast in the faith my King, until You return, tis my humble prayer,amen.

    • Victoria

      Amen. Thanking Father God for continuing to do beyond what we can ask or imagine.

  • Tarzan

    There are days and times when I feel my prayers are connected with heaven and others times when my prayers seem loose and meaningless. This happens when I perceive something is just not on (wrong) but it’s happening anyway. I pray that in times like these, may you Lord Jesus give me the strength and courage to fix my eyes on you, than on presenting ‘wrong’ thing which becomes a road block to my prayers, so that my conversation with you continues to make me a better person. Amen

  • Catecha Francis

    Lord, I thank you for Jerry’s testimony. You sent it at the right time, just when I was trying to give a friend some words of encouragement as he is going through a very sad time. May Jerry’s testimony bring peace to my friend that he will know there is nothing too hard or difficult for God to resolve for us, even though it might not be the outcome we are expecting.

    Thank you my Heavenly Father!


  • Marie Alexis

    As we pray together I would like to share this prayer concerning soul ties with the prayer community.

    Prayer for soul ties.

    1. Removing the Darkness
    Father God, as an act of my will, I don’t want ANY darkness in me.
    No Fear, No Worry, No Offense, No Anger, No Pride,
    No Bitterness, No Doubt, No Addictions, No Envy, No Strife,
    No Lust, No Un-forgiveness, No Jealousy, Nothing of the Enemy in Me.
    As an act of my will, I choose to loose these things from my soul,
    right now! In Jesus name!

    Soul Ties: 2. Becoming Whole
    Father, I want my soul to be Whole and Complete.
    As an act of my free will, I call back all parts of my soul that I gave away.
    Any part of my soul that I gave to sin, I call back now, in Jesus name.
    Any part I gave away, that is outside God’s will, I call back now.
    Any part of my Soul that is under the influence of darkness,
    I call back NOW! In Jesus Name.

    Soul Ties: 3. Filling Up With God
    Father, I want to be filled with Your Holy Spirit.
    I ask You to fill my soul with Your Light, Your Goodness,
    Your Love, Your Glory, Your Wisdom, Your Righteousness.
    I pray for Your Grace; Your Great, Abundant, & Sufficient Grace.
    I choose to bind my soul with Jesus Christ, and be one with God.
    Father, please fill me with Your Kingdom & Your Spirit, in Jesus Name.

    • Yvette Dupuis-van Putten

      Amen.Lord this too is the sentiment of my heart as well.And i ask that you hear all of our prayers in your worthy name amen.

    • Thelma

      Dearest Jesus, Thank you for loving me so much that you sent your one son to die for me.Help me to get this truth to my family and those friends who have strayed far from you. Thank you for Bro Page’s encouragement. I praise you in advance for reclaiming my family, including Calvin,his brothers and sister, his mom dad and stepfather.I praise you in advance for the healing of my daughter-in-law.Thank you for hearing me most merciful Jesus. Amen

    • Carol B

      Thank you for sharing this prayer. I used it today during my prayer time and it brought out many things that I was able to confess and give to God.

  • Cynthia Duncan Mercer

    As always, thank you Elder Page for your inspiring messages. Prayer… Where would we be without it? May God continue to bless you and Janet in your service to the King of Kings!

  • jamie

    Dear Father,
    Yesterday as a group, several of us adults prayed that you would use Kids Church to reach the hearts of those in a very “spiritually dark” town, for you.
    You answered that prayer in a powerful way by sending four very unlikely missionary teens. One walked seven miles through the snow that morning to get to Kids Church. Your Holy Spirit was obviously present as we discussed if there were really angels, and if there were really demons. We talked about the rift between Satan and Jesus, and why the sacrifice of Jesus was important for us. The boys hearts were touched. They decided they were going to bring more teens next week. One father offered them a reward if they memorized the 10 commandments by next week. All four boys left with Bibles in their hands, and asked if they could bring friends.
    Sometimes, when we put forth small efforts, and pray even simple prayers, you bless abundantly! Yesterday you did that! Father, please, we beg you to continue pouring out your Holy Spirit in this little mountain community. Touch hearts of not only the children, but now of their parents….especially as we enter the week of Halloween. We know some of these parents are self proclaimed Wiccans and Pagans. We have entered Satan’s territory, and we ask for your protection and blessing. Bless these teen boys! Place in their heart a love for Jesus that is obvious to everyone around them. Give the boys words to say that will influence others to come next week. Use these teen boys as mighty witnesses for you.
    Thank-you for hearing, and especially for answering this prayer.

  • Prayer changes things.

  • Elsada Murdock

    Our God is such an awesome God. He hears and answer when we sincerely pray. Great and awesome is our God and greatly to be praise. Praise the Lord!

  • sandra moore

    Dear Jerry..thanks so much for your encouraging words today. Its given me renewed strength to keep praying for my children and grandchildren who are in desperate need of a daily time to live for Jesus and to dedicate their lives to Him


    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so grateful to know that God the owner of the universe is willing to hear my prayers. I am thankful that he cleanses me and Is working on my loved ones. So many people in this world are suffering from deception, rebelliousness, addictive behaviors, unbelief, and the list goes on. Help us Lord to be good witnesses to our loved ones, cleanse us from our own leprosy, give us your Holy Spirit, transform our hearts.
    Today, I ask that you help me pray for my family. I have one son, he has battled addictions and is now very interested in hypnosis, and spiritualism. This week we were talking about our vacation plans for December. He lives is Brazil. He told me, “mom I got more tattoos and I want to show them to you before we see each other” I have never liked tattoos, and I especially do not like them on my children!
    I need your prayers dear BHP family. I love my children with All my heart! I want to love them like Jesus, speak like he speaks….
    In the past, when my son got a tattoo, I always cry uncontrollably and feel sick to my stomach etc. I need Jesus help.

  • Akudo

    An uplift Prayer life testimony. God indeed work in mysterious ways to perform His wonders. Truly, our ways are not His ways.
    Teach us how to Pray dear Lord especially for others. Amen.

  • Ros Farrell

    Father in heaven, the cry of every heart is for our families to accept you as Lord and Saviour of their lives and allow You in. I know too Lord that Your tender heart of mercy and love is broken. So many don’t even realise their spiritual condition and have you shut You out. I pray in the name of Jesus that you would break every chain of sin in their lives that they may accept you before it is too late. May they realise that the greatest peace and pleasure comes from a saving relationship with you. Dear Father l plead with you for the salvation of the lost in the name of Jesus who died to save us all. Amen

  • zsuzsi woodward

    Marie, thank u for that beautiful prayer; i add me to that.. let us remember to keep our children uplifted to our merciful Father who cares for them and loves them more then our whole being. God bless us all as wee unite in prayer for our world church and others so wee can come together as one for the out poring of the later rain. AMEN

  • Ruby

    Jesus Christ please pray for us everyday, we thought we are right like Peter yet many things we don’t understand really, we really need your divine protection for us as an individual, for our family, for our love ones and friends, for church, for our neighbors, for youth, for kids, for our leaders, for our nation and other nations, and for our enemies. It is your responsibility oh Lord Jesus to protect us and to make us stronger everyday for whatever circumstances, remember we don’t have a power to fight against Satan and his angels. Many hearts already broken, the wounds were depth and some still bleeding and it is only by Your power and mercies to heal those wounds and broken hearts, by Your might by Your presence the enemies will tremble because Satan and his angels knew that You have a right to claim us from their desire and their hands because at the cross it was sealed with Your divine blood and grace that we are Yours. We ask this by Your righteousness and mercies oh Father in the Name of Jesus Christ..Amen

  • mayaka

    As I read this introduction I felt a heavy lump in my throat. I have been praying for my sick brother. He has cancer, his son also has cancer, Indeed Cancer has affected two other brothers. This one though is very sick, I am so discouraged sometimes that I do not want to pray. I just feel overwhelmed and do not know what else to do. Sometimes I believe that God will answer my prayers but other times I just despair and at my lack of faith. I believe God wanted me to read these words today. That no matter what, he does answer our prayers. My prayer now is that God’s will be done, but above all that if my brother dies, indeed if they all die, I will see them again, It is the most difficult thing to say, and accept but yes, He might take my brothers away, Please pray for my brothers and nephew spiritual and physical healing. Please pray for me and my family.

  • Mawethu pan

    My Prayer for us all and specifically for me is: ” God, by your mighty power remove all evil thoughts which yield evil words and actions. Amen”

  • Onaolapo Ajibade

    Thank you Jerry for sharing this great testimony.