Army of Youth growing in Malaysia – By Evelyn Chua


Over 24 million people live in Peninsular Malaysia, and currently only a little over 5,000 are Seventh-day Adventist. Recognizing the vast need for more laborers for the harvest, and earnestly longing for the youth to be awakened to the joy of service, about four years ago a group of lay members, with the consent of the Peninsular Malaysia Mission, started a youth conference to help bring revival to this territory. This was the beginning of the Army of Youth Conference for Peninsular Malaysia.

The growth over the last four years has been slow, however this year hundreds were in attendance at our summer conference. In fact, we received so many blessings this year that it’s difficult to describe. From Holy Spirit filled meetings, to special musical selections and messages, the blessings just went on and on.

A highlight of the conference was Sabbath when many enthusiastic young people went out to share Christ. As a result of this outreach, we obtained contact details of 320 people interested in Bible and health education from the community. This was a record for us! Seeing the joy on the faces of those who served was so rewarding. But this joy could not have come without first experiencing personal revival and changed hearts.

Every night, I saw person after person, standing for appeals made to consecrate their lives to God. Every night, I saw many youth making decisions to attend additional training on how to study the Bible more deeply. And every night, I saw many tears shed as young people entered the prayer room for personal prayer with the speakers and local church pastors. All around me, I watched as lives were being changed.

Of course, my favorite time of all was the earnest Spirit filled prayer sessions each day. In fact, I believe that United prayer, which we experienced for the first time this year, was the backbone to all the blessings and miracles we received.

The prayer times were truly a taste of heaven. I have never heard such heartfelt words spoken as each person poured out their heart to Jesus, pleading for His soon return. No instruments were playing. There was no grand ensemble, but the united voices, lifted up to God in praise brought tears to many eyes. As we prayed, I began to realize that if this was even a small glimpse of how heaven would feel, it would indeed be a glorious place to be.

Truly God has heard the cries of His children! We had prayed for more youth to be revived, and we had prayed for more of the Holy Spirit. God has heard and answered every prayer. With my own eyes, I’m seeing miracles happening in the hearts of my fellow young people. Through the power of prayer, an Army of Youth is growing in Malaysia. And it’s a testimony for the glory of God. Jesus is coming soon!

By Evelyn Chua, AOY officer

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