Answered Prayer is a Revelation of God’s Love! – By Mark Finley

Recently I have had two experiences that were direct answers to prayer. There is no other logical way to explain them. Some might call them mere coincidences or happenstance. But for me they revealed the direct hand of God in my life.

The first experience took place in Dublin, Ireland.

Historically Ireland has been a very difficult place for the growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In the last fifty years approximately forty-five Irish people have been baptized. However, in the last 15 years the Adventist church has shown remarkable growth due to the influx of ethnic groups of various nationalities.

Recently my wife and I have spent considerable time in a variety of multifaceted evangelistic outreach programs in Dublin. We are extremely thankful for the success God has given us in these endeavors.

One Sabbath, as I was walking to church, I specifically prayed that God would providentially bring me in contact with honest hearted Irish people who were interested in Jesus’ last day message. Little did I know that within an hour my prayer would be answered.

While I was sitting in Sabbath School preparing to teach the visitors class that day, two Irish women walked into church. I invited them to class and later discovered that they were searching for the true church. They knew a little about the Adventist church and wanted to know more. God miraculously led them in answer to prayer that Sabbath to the very church where I was teaching Sabbath School and preaching. Eventually they attended our evangelistic meetings, continued attending church, received Bible Studies from the pastor and now have been baptized. For me this was a direct answer to prayer.

The second experience is quite different.

My wife and I along with a small congregation in Warrenton, Virginia are building a new worship facility, school of evangelism and community health outreach center in Haymarket, Virginia. The total cost of the facility is over four million dollars. This past August it appeared that our fund raising had come to a halt. Very little was happening and I was troubled. Each month our contractor’s bills were coming due. While we were attending the ASI Convention in Spokane, I prayed that God would give me some indication that He would see this project through. I personally needed some assurance of His continued blessing. As a result I decided to spend some time alone praying as I walked along the river. As I prayed, I specifically asked God to lead me to someone who could help financially.

Within an hour I providentially met a man I had never met before who has now helped our project significantly. Mere coincidence? I certainly do not think so. I am convinced that in both of these instances God was at work.

Does God always answer my prayers so dramatically? No, but He does it enough to give me the assurance of His presence and the certainty of His love.

Answered prayer is much more than God responding to our specific needs. It is His revelation of love for us. It is His letting us know in concrete specific ways that He has not forgotten us in the joys and sorrows of life and that’s enough for me.

By Mark Finley, World Evangelist

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Practical Application: 

If you are seeking to work for God, to see more souls brought into the Kingdom, or to further the spread of the gospel, don’t waste time trying to work in your own strength. Remember God has promised to do what we cannot do. Cling to His mighty arm! Plead for His Holy Spirit power.

Ellen White writes, “When we give ourselves wholly to God and in our work follow His directions, He makes Himself responsible for its accomplishment. He would not have us to conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors. Not once should we even think of failure. We are to cooperate with the One who knows no failure” (Christ Object Lessons, p 363).

Don’t know how you are going to pay the bills to push God’s work forward?

In another place, she writes: “Let none waste time in deploring the scantiness of their visible resources. The outward appearance may be unpromising, but energy and trust in God will develop resources” (Prophets and Kings, p. 243).

Dear Heavenly Father, as we are seeking to be effective laborers for You, help us not to grow self-confident in our own resources or strength. Help us to remember that this is Your work, and it can only be accomplished in Your strength and power. Like Mark Finley shared in his testimony, may our eyes ever be upon You in humble confidence, for You have promised to provide. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Promises to claim: Phil. 4:13, 19, Isa. 45:2, 1 John 5:14,15