10 Ways to Get the Most Out of 10 Days of Prayer

  1. With God’s help, make a commitment to do it! The 10 Days of Prayer materials are accessible online at tendaysofprayer.org. Whether you go through them alone or with your church or friends, you can download them and read and pray through them daily. When you do this, know that you are joining thousands of others around the world doing the same.
  2. Ask others to join you! If you don’t have a church to do the 10 Days of Prayer with, consider asking family members, or a few close friends to join you in a special daily time of prayer during the next 10 days. Write down spiritual burdens you have and lift them up in unison, claiming God’s promises.
  3. Start a prayer call! While meeting in person is always best, this isn’t always possible. Consider joining with others via a daily prayer call via the phone or Skype. For those in the United States, free conference call lines are available. Just type “free conference call” into your favorite search engine for more information. An Adventist video service called flocktoc.com is also a great way to video chat and pray with friends and small groups.
  4. Go door to door! To share the blessing of prayer with others, consider going door to door in your neighborhood and asking your neighbors how you can pray for them. Some may turn you away, but you will find many receptive.
  5. Get creative in sharing prayer with others! In the past, some have put up prayer tents at health fairs and public areas. Others have opened their church doors at 5 a.m. for personal meditation and prayer and then at 6 a.m. conducted morning prayer meetings.
  6. Send balloons up! In some churches, prayer requests were made and placed inside balloons. The balloons were inflated and exchanged between the members to pray for each other’s requests, then sent upward.
  7. End with an agape feast! On the last day of the 10 Days of Prayer, some churches have chosen to hold a spiritual retreat or an agape feast sharing time.
  8. Keep the prayers going! Pray for the 10 days of outreach that is to follow the 10 Days of Prayer. Also, many churches will be starting a 30-day intercessory prayer program where members are encouraged to pray for 30 days for three people who are not part of the congregation. During this time pastors and members will go on visitation, sharing Christ, and making friends and giving Bible studies.
  9. Pray God’s Word! Whether alone or with a participating church, remember to claim the promises of God’s Word as you pray. God delights in honoring our faith.
  10. Share the blessings! Don’t keep to yourself what God does. Share your testimony with others. By so doing, you will inspire more people to pray and seek after a closer walk with God. And blessings shared are blessings multiplied.

What people said last year about the 10 Days of Prayer:

“We have never experienced so much spiritual growth and so many answers to prayer in any past event. The daily leader and participant instructions have been WONDERFUL guides to experiencing a revival. The drops of rain are beginning to fall.”

—Bill, Rhode Island, USA 

“This was our first time participating in the Ten Days of Prayer. During the ten days, we had a 24-hour prayer chain. Basically, one person prays for an hour and at the end of the hour calls the next prayer warrior to pray. I am in awe of what God did. Chains of anger, unforgiveness, and many more were broken. We are enjoying unity in our church. The twenty-four prayer team members have asked me to keep the team. To God be the glory!”

—Monica, London

Remember that the 10 Days of Prayer is not just about praying for our own churches, but about praying for the upcoming evangelistic endeavors of our worldwide church. Over 113,000 evangelistic campaigns will be held this coming year, so join us in praying for these meetings! (To learn more, click here!)

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