10 Days Could Change Your Life!


Imagine a revival in your church.

Or a church attendee overcoming alcoholism.

Or a miraculous surgery.

Or seeing loved ones come back to the Lord.

These are just a few of the many stories that have emerged during Ten Days of Prayer, an annual initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that starts this coming Jan. 11.

Church members worldwide will greet the New Year by praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit during hour-long prayer meetings modeled after the biblical account of Pentecost.

“I believe that God is calling us to pray boldly. We should also be praising Him in faith for what He is going to do,” said Raluca Ril, who with her husband, Roman, wrote materials for Ten Days of Prayer. “Prayer is what has changed our lives! That’s why my husband and I would like to encourage you to be part of this upcoming Ten Days of Prayer, as we take an exciting journey through the sanctuary.”

(To download materials, go to TenDaysofPrayer.org and scroll down to “2017 Prayer Materials.”)

Church members worldwide have experienced many blessings, as a result of the Ten Days of Prayer over the last six years.

“Ten Days of Prayer has revived Southend SDA Church and its Friday prayer meetings, which no longer existed,” Tafadzwa Katsota, of the Southend church in Zimbabwe, wrote by e-mail in 2015. “This 10-day session has taught us that power rests in prayer and brings unity amongst church members.”

Daniel Miruka Mosobeti, who attends a church of 95 members in Kenya, said his church’s prayers prompted a relatively new church attendee, a middle-aged man, to stop drinking alcohol. He said church members then turned their prayers on another drinker who had showed up at church during the Ten Days of Prayer.

In Tanzania, church member Yoel Asaph Mwanza said prayer helped his 10-year-old brother recover from an emergency heart operation in just a few days.

“The doctors were estimating that he would recover after two weeks,” he said.

Still others have seen loved ones and friends returning to church in answer to their prayers.

All can participate! Church members can use the Ten Days of Prayer materials in large and small groups.

Even if your church is not involved, don’t despair. You can still take part in the blessing, even if alone or with just a couple friends or family members. The most important thing is that you don’t miss what God wants to do in your life this coming year.

If you are spiritually hungry, we want to encourage you to start the year right. Be part of the upcoming Ten Days of Prayer. We promise your life will never be the same. The Bible tells us, “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it” (Psalms 81:10). He’s just waiting to fill our hearts, lives, and churches, with many blessings from the throne room of heaven.

By the United in Prayer Editors

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